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Radio Programs

Two planets without moons
A “liquid” atmosphere for Venus
The first soft landing on the Moon
The worlds of the solar system
Filling a lunar “ocean”
The charioteer’s bright shoulders
Zapped by the Sun — twice
Building a mound on the Moon — after this.
Dropping in on a nasty planet
Visiting a dusty star system — after this.
Lighting up the waning Moon — after this.
A grand view for a new year
Getting to the stars in a hurry
Small plans for space exploration
A new view of a distant world
Sharing a bright star
A meet-and-greet in space
Breaking down lunar soil
Astronomy from a cargo bay
Bright companions for the Moon
Planets huddle close in the dawn sky
Patiently watching the bull’s eye
A great show from the “morning star”
The first look at a hidden landscape
A close call in the morning sky
De-populating a popular star system
A world you wouldn’t want to visit
A puffy planet gets some attention
A busy member of the Local Group
A big-screen story in the autumn sky
A great weekend for skywatching
Bright lights in the dawn sky
Different views of the night sky
Ticking off the hours of the night
Bringing telescopes to the masses
Beauty and fire in the dawn sky
Looking straight up
Ready for the first day of class
Prominent neighbors in the dawn sky
Patiently looking for planets
Looking for big, cold planets
More nights hunting for planets
Getting ready to hunt planets
Powering up for a trip to space
Venus moves to the morning sky
Shining a new light on the universe
Dreaming up a laser beam
Frozen in place in lunar skies
Getting ready to change addresses
Changing the concept of Mars
Getting the first good look at Mars
A famous but poorly understood world
Fireworks in the evening sky
Identifying two evening skylights
Stretching out the month of June
A pair of trios in the evening sky
Bright planets in the evening sky
Scientist, writer, contrarian
Unlocking the secrets of the stars
Losing our eyes and ears on Venus
Planets with limited lifetimes
Day and night on distant planets
An astounding variety of planets
Floating into the history books
Digging up some lunar history
Bringing a constellation into balance
Jupiter loses its status
Bright lights in the evening sky
The “evening star” slows down
Drawing rings around a giant planet
A confusing layout for a faint constellation
Handing down pictures of the stars
The shiny nose of the great bear
Optical illusions in the night sky
Location, location, location
Creeping up on a bright star
The Sun takes a long nap
Predicting our unpredictable Sun
The Sun gets a lot brighter
The Sun shines on and on and on
Double “smacks” for a young planet
Battle of the sexes in the evening sky
The search for planets continues
Giving life to a classic story
Passing through a bright triangle
Shaking up the solar system
Small steps in the exploration of space
Heating up the Moon’s interior
Looking at the solar system’s past
A double double in the evening sky
Two very different neighbors
Taking a look at the busy Sun
Settling the dust on the Moon
The Moon stays active
Bright lights bracket the evening sky
Venus’s nightside goes green
Two planets for the price of one
A brilliant presence in the night sky
Closing in on two dwarf planets
Snuggling close to the Sun
An astronomer who saw double
The inner planets take a beating
The bright foot of a celestial twin
The impressive celestial twins
Hot weather on a distant planet
Bright lights in the early evening
Flickering images of a famous world
Eyeballing some changes in the sky
Measuring the solar system with a ruler
A holdover from summer skies
A planet that spins in a hurry
Rare birds in southern skies
A bright warrior in the northern sky
Discovering the expanding universe
A memento of a college basketball star
Saving daylight to save energy
The Seven Sisters move farther away
A “hiccup” for the North Star
Pacing off the distance to the North Star
Setting your watch by the stars
Spicing up the names of distant worlds
Explaining bands of nothing
Solving the mystery of a demon star
A silver archway across the evening sky
Science and service in World War II
European astronomy during the war
Heading toward World War II
Ringing out the weekend
A country that’s gone to the dogs
The true nature of a glowing cat’s eye
Doomed planets around a dying star
A plenitude of exoplanets
A bright show in the dawn sky
Aligning two celestial headlights
Pairs of planets bracket the Sun
Scanning the “barcode” of the Sun
A successful crash in the Moon Race
A steaming teapot in the southern sky
Visiting the cool mountains of Venus
Spearheading a look at the Seven Sisters
Bright, hot planets in the dawn sky
A close but wide-spread trio
Looking at the Sun from near and far
Looking for fresh ideas
Pitching ideas for new missions
Locking the Moon in position
A starry bird and a Mayan king
Watching the twilight fade away
Probing matter between the stars
A brilliant early morning encounter
Plotting the motions of the Sun
A gazelle leaps across the sky
A bright family drops from view
Bright stars shine through the moonlight
The nearby shoulder of a centaur
Rebuilding astronomical history
Celebrating some astronomical masterpieces
Ghostly apparitions in the evening sky
A case of deceptive beauty
Looking for distant neighbors
A realm of iceballs far from the Sun
Crossing a distant border
A parade of planets in the evening sky
Zipping past a distant giant
Studying the mysteries of the universe
Probing the mysteries of the stars
Collaboration in the name of science
Lawsuits, recruitment, and stars
The start of a scientific adventure
Young planets on the move
A giant planet near the head of the water snake
A patient search for distant planets
Looking for hard-to-find planets
Some nearby planetary neighbors
A world’s fair for the Space Age
Seeing through the moonlight
Gazing away from the Milky Way
Winging through the skies of Jupiter
Bright stars packed around the Moon
A long trip to nowhere
A tall ship and a star to sail her by
A first look at a little planet
Probing an unpredictable polar vortex
A roller-coaster ride for a bright planet
The crow gets in a spot of bother
From exploding bombs to exploding stars
Super-Earths and mini-Neptunes
Love and beauty in the dawn sky
Earth-like planets by the millions
Busy times for the Moon
The “morning star” at its brightest
A beautiful dawn encounter
Lining up some early morning planets
Bright planets in the dawn sky
Boxing in the gibbous Moon
Peeking at the Moon’s backside
Cooking up a piece of glass
The demise of the evening star
Celebrating with the stars
Drawing up the winter solstice
Tuning in to the stars
Looking for a place to settle down
A refugee from the planet Krypton
Classifying the stars
A rare astronomical opportunity
Pioneering at 25 cents an hour
Lighting up a Venusian day
Going eye-to-eye with a giant
A visit to another blue planet
Two planets wander across the sky
Following the rhythms of the night
Growing fresh veggies on the Moon
Dangerous nights at the telescope
Making up for lost time
A musical intro for a noted astronomer
Lighting up a night sky
A crane strides across the southern sky
An attack from Mars
Wrapping a spacecraft in plastic
The back ends of two constellations
Peeking through the moonlight
Getting a boost from home
Looking for a giant planet
Building a road to the stars
Taking a sneak peek at winter
Taking a spin on a merry-go-round
Phasing in on the “evening star”
The always-hot “evening star”
An observatory gets a new start
A change of direction for McDonald Observatory
The Moon and a bright triangle
Pioneering a new way to see the universe
Cooling off a distant star
Toasting planets from the inside out
A double feature in the night sky
Stirring up some lunar dust
An unforgiving environment
Starry vessels in the midnight sky
The Moon and a horde of planets
The Moon and a lineup of planets
An entire zoo of space travelers
Spinning around the Earth
A fairy tale in the evening sky
Bookending morning and evening skies
Diving into lunar research
Following the path of the Sun
Heating up the “evening star”
Sneaking into astronomical history
Honoring a famous calendar maker
A test for dark night skies
Snapping pictures of the night sky
Highlights of the evening sky
A “seagull” takes flight
Putting a new spin on the evening star
Lining up the “evening star”
Rumbling through the Sun
At the edge of the solar system
A weight-loss plan for the Sun
Turning up the thermostat
Our steadily changing Sun
Hunting for worlds like Earth
Different worlds with a similar look
Celestial theater in the evening sky
A small but vast astronomical gap
The end of a space-age singles act
Mapping southern skies
High-flying eyes on the Sun
A bright trio in the evening sky
Whirling around the North Star
A futuristic buggy race
A new strike at Sutter’s Mill
A nearby planetary neighbor
A special day for astronomy
A naughty crow angers the gods
Measuring the skin of the Moon
A helpful device for seeing the world
Navigating by the stars
Keeping an eye on a star with a planet
A bright highlight on the dark Moon
Guiding lights of the ancient world
Protecting some lunar monuments
The Moon takes the bull by the horns
The Moon slides across the sky
Reborn from a violent demise
Rocky evidence of planetary systems
Comfortable worlds around feeble stars
Strength of discovery in numbers
A world with four suns in the sky
Spinning up a bright young star
Poking into the life of a famous star
The un-steady beat of the North Star
Guided by the North Star
A “grand” view of the night sky
From leading light to a pale second
Missing a “stellar” opportunity
Hercules embarks on a quest
Bracketing the Winter Circle
The glow of a small but hot planet
Evidence of a flashy neighbor
Tiny planets around a tiny star
An uncommon story in the night sky
Lighting up the holiday sky
Lighting up the Christmas-night sky
Bright lights for Christmas Eve
Snow clouds on a hot world?
A changing calendar cycle
Looking for the surface of the Sun
The long trip before the journey begins
Powering up the Sun
Destroying a “second Earth”
Pioneering a path to another world
The continued exploration of the Moon
A busy three days on the Moon
A grand era of exploration
A jovial denizen of the night sky
Futuristic rockets from the past
Powering a mission to Mars
Taking a peek at the Moon’s backside
Unfettered views of the night sky
The night sky gets a little bluer
Dead stars consume dead planets
Brightening up the Moon
Moonlight on an autumn night
Prime real estate on other worlds
The wonders of a moonless night
Clearing out a star system
A grand story in the night sky
Drying out a wet planet
The stars foretell the weather
Getting messy for science
Keeping a planet on the table
The top of the king’s starry house
Miscounting the months
Giant sand dunes on alien worlds
Colorful rivals in the evening sky
Studying a threatening space rock
A traffic jam in the evening sky
Risking life and limb for a solar eclipse
A cruel twist of nature
A close encounter in the dawn sky
The perfect spot for the Moon
The Moon takes a pounding
A bright but rapidly closing triangle
A city — and a star — fit for a king
War, embezzlement, and comets
From hardware-store owner to cosmic celebrity
Bright delights in the summer sky
A sky show that’s worth getting up for
A gathering of astronomical superstars
Bright and brighter in the dawn sky
Following the path of the Sun
Turning on some far-away lamps
Companionship in the evening sky
Stars without much flash
An encore performance in the dawn sky
Outshining the Sun — sort of
Swinging into the morning sky
A future close neighbor to the Sun
New secrets from old moonrocks
New discoveries from old rocks
Taking note of a new planet
Getting a better bead on the Sun
Dark ice at the Moon’s poles
The sparkling eyes of the llama
Sliding past the Moon and headed for the Sun
Ticking off the hours until a solar eclipse
Firing a laser at the Moon
Crowded skies above the Moon
Slamming into the far side of the Moon
Ready for a stellar vanishing act
Snapping the universe -- from the Moon
Fun and science on the lunar surface
Engaging the warp drive
New ideas for exploring the universe
Looking back toward home
Bracketing the horn of the dragon
Double sunsets on alien worlds
The evening star and the littler dipper
A brilliant lineup in the evening sky
Worlds with and without companions
Following a pair of cosmic headlights
A double treat in the evening sky
Looking for comfy homes for life
Drawing a map of the solar system
Unlocking the secrets of the Red Planet
Leaping into the modern calendar
Artistry on a planetary scale
Encapsulating a bit of the Moon
Getting back in the Space Race
Looking for storms before they’re born
Giving birth to a “dead” star
Dead planets around dead stars?
Biting into a bright constellation
Cutting off a slice of the sky
Studying pieces of other worlds
Buying space rocks for a dollar a pound
A burning passion for space rocks
Staring into the face of the bull
The children of a celestial break-up
A celestial greeting for the new year
Holding together a stellar cross
An extra reindeer for Santa’s sleigh
The champion of all comet hunters
A new way to study the universe
A modern celebration with old customs
Racing for the south pole
The charioteer’s double-jointed shoulder
Fire and water in the night sky
Rare birds in southern skies
The return of an astronomical beauty
The man who discovered an atmosphere
Spacing out a morning lineup
Close neighbors in the evening sky
Stepping back in time
War, peace, and fine wines
A great show by a “dirty snowball”
Ghoulish delights in the sky
A first encounter with a space rock
Fishing for constellations
Just passing the time
A close encounter with comet dust
Vanity and retribution in the night sky
Filling the space between the stars
Balancing the Harvest Moon
A fanciful design for a starship
An astronomical "Mason-Dixon Line"...
Subatomic particles and dead dinosaurs
A ring of fire around a planet
Ducking cannonfire in the name of science
Dodging cannonfire in the name of science
Spreading out to watch a little black dot
A traffic jam in the dawn sky
A close but far-away planet
A double reason to celebrate
"Flashy" sisters in the evening sky...
Springing into a beautiful month
Naming ancient volcanic basins
Searching for an elusive moon
Taking inventory of the solar system
Big and small in the evening sky
Birthdays by the basketful
A "calculated" planetary discovery...
Nighttime objects in the daytime sky
A blazing-hot weather forecast
Putting up a first building block
Following a guiding star
Interesting worlds in other star systems
An out-of-whack solar system
An uncertain count of planets
A delayed trip to the Moon
Taking care of some lunar business
Giving the Moon a big whack
Counting up the days of February
Ticking off the hours of the night
Filling in some gaps in the sky
A deceptive morning duo
The stars turn across the night sky
Keeping score in the search for planets
Adding to the planetary census
Looking for worlds with rainy days
Changing ideas about the universe
Swirling across a drab surface
Entering the lunar twilight zone
Diving into a famous lunar "sea"...
Tracers of a bygone constellation
Two giants passing in the night
The dawn of a new year
The tale of the Moon's tail...
Diving into a "wet" lunar surface...
Holiday lights in the night sky
Stoking the fires of the Sun
Protection against a dangerous universe
Flip-flopping the seasons
Disrupting an icy world
Giving birth to a distant moon
Sowing discord in the outer solar system
Clearing up some distant definitions
The blazing "morning star"...
Planning for a trip to hell
Getting together for science
A trip to Asia via the stars
Grabbing a lingering visitor
One night, two sky shows
A moonwalker goes back to work
Searching for cosmic fireflies
Giant worlds everywhere you look
Rocketry's deadliest accident...
Saving four big moons
Cruising toward the stars
Standing between a pair of rivals
Follow the jumping electrons
The unromantic names of distant planets
Kicking off a new Moon race
Sampling the "dark" side of the Moon...
Forging the elements of life
Keeping tidy on other worlds
A "second skin" for spacewalkers...
The painful side of space travel
A beautiful but lopsided kite

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