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Mars InSight Mission

InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy, and Heat Transport) is a Mars lander, scheduled for launch as early as May 5, 2018, with landing on November 26. It will use a suite of instruments, including a seismometer and heat probe, to study the Martian interior. Its observations should reveal more about the planet's structure and its evolution.

Radio Programs

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Mars Impacts The Red Planet takes a beating December 6, 2022

Winds of Mars The troublesome winds of Mars June 24, 2021

Moon and Mars Breezing through a Martian day August 8, 2020

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Featured Images

new impact crater on mars

Digging a Hole December 6, 2022

selfies show Martian dust coating InSight

Martian Cover-up August 18, 2022

InSight seismometer on Mars

Listening to Mars September 12, 2019

Clouds pass over InSight on Mars

Cloudy Day May 11, 2019

Sunrise on Mars

A New Day May 2, 2019

InSight seismometer on the surface of Mars

Down to Work December 23, 2018

Early image of Mars from the InSight lander

Settling In November 27, 2018

Mars InSight during entry into Mars' atmosphere

Taking the Plunge November 25, 2018

InSight landing site

Target Zone November 24, 2018

InSight lands on Mars

Ready for Touchdown November 23, 2018

InSight is launched to Mars

On Its Way May 6, 2018