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Mars Hope Mission

Hope is a Mars orbiter built by the United Arab Emirates. Scheduled for launch in July 2020, it will enter orbit around the Red Planet in February 2021. It will monitor the Martian weather and study how Mars is losing its atmosphere to space. It is the first UAE space mission beyond Earth orbit, and the beginning of a 100-year plan to establish a colony on Mars.

Featured Images

Emirates Mars Mission view of Deimos in front of Mars

Family Portrait April 28, 2023

dust storms and clouds on mars

Dusty Skies June 10, 2022

The first image of Mars from the Hope orbiter, February 10

First Glimpse February 16, 2021

Hope spacecraft orbiting Mars

Hoping for Success February 7, 2021

Hope spacecraft prepared for launch

Ready for Mars July 13, 2020

Radio Programs

Changing Seasons Changing seasons on Mars February 7, 2021

Heading for Mars The first steps toward a colony on Mars July 14, 2020