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Lunar Surface


Earth’s Moon February 19, 2016

Radio Programs

Moon Watching A special night for moonwatching October 28, 2017

Moon and Companions Getting close to two north poles August 29, 2017

Moon and Companions The jumbled-up “dark” side of the Moon July 1, 2017

Moon and Venus Weather on the surface of the Moon May 20, 2017

Moon and Saturn Light and dark on the lunar surface April 15, 2017

Explosive Debris Heavy “rains” from exploding stars August 22, 2016

Lunar Orbiter 1 Mapping the surface of the Moon August 18, 2016

Surveyor 1 A lunar lander that didn’t sink from sight June 2, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran Diving into a famous lunar “sea” March 13, 2016

Moon and Spica Filling a lunar “ocean” January 29, 2016

Christmas Moon Lighting up the night December 25, 2015

Breaking Down Breaking down lunar soil December 13, 2015

Moon and Antares Digging up some lunar history June 1, 2015

Moon and Spica Dipping up water on the Moon April 3, 2015

Moon and Regulus Settling the dust on the Moon February 3, 2015

More Moon and Jupiter The Moon stays active February 2, 2015

Moon and Companions A brilliant presence in the night sky January 15, 2015

Lunar Giant A giant scar on the Moon’s backside December 29, 2014

Hailstorm The inner planets take a beating December 28, 2014

Moon and Companions Cracking the surface of the Moon December 10, 2014

Moon and Mars Digging holes on other worlds May 9, 2014

Moon and Regulus Beating up the surface of the Moon December 21, 2013

Moon and Aldebaran Looking for a place to settle down December 14, 2013

Moon and Aldebaran Building mountains on the Moon November 17, 2013

Moon and Antares Dusting off some moonrocks August 13, 2013

Water World Diving into lunar research July 16, 2013

Moon and Companions A bright highlight on the dark Moon March 27, 2013

Moon and Jupiter III Mixing up some lunar water December 25, 2012

Moon and Jupiter Bright lights for Christmas Eve December 23, 2012

Moon and Regulus Brightening up the Moon October 9, 2012

Lunar Secrets New secrets from old moonrocks June 11, 2012

More Moon, Saturn, and Spica A celestial yin and yang March 9, 2012

Moon and Mars Historic monuments on another world February 8, 2012

Featured Images

Apollo 16 image of the lunar farside

Far Moon July 2, 2017

Lunar Orbiter 1 views of Earthrise over the Moon

First Earthrise August 18, 2016

Lunar Giant December 30, 2014

Possible origin of the Ocean of Storms

Cracks in the Moon December 11, 2014

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter view on lunar north polar regions

Top o' the Moon March 19, 2014

GRAIL map of lunar surface gravity

Lunar Lumpiness April 14, 2013

Lunar Orbiter view of Aristarchus crater

Bright Crater March 28, 2013

Gravitational map of the Moon compiled by the GRAIL mission

Lunar Attraction December 15, 2012

Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan drives his lunar rover

End of the Road December 10, 2012

Apollo 17 at the rim of Shorty Crater, December 1972

Back to the Moon(rocks) June 11, 2012

Artist's concept of GRAIL spacecraft measuring the Moon's gravitational field

Lunar Arrival December 30, 2011

2011 image of the Apollo 12 landing site, from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Still Standing September 9, 2011

Map of the Moon's gravitational field

Lunar Lumpiness September 6, 2011

Dust coats the spacesuit of Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan

Dirty Moonwalker June 22, 2011

Reiner Gamma, a prominent lunar swirl in the Ocean of Storms

Lunar Swirl January 12, 2011

Scars of Apollo March 29, 2010