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Lunar Surface


Earth’s Moon February 19, 2016

Radio Programs

Moon and Aldebaran A bright highlight on the dark Moon September 25, 2021

Moon and Jupiter Settling in on the Moon September 17, 2021

Moon and Antares Highs and lows on the Moon August 16, 2021

Moon and Saturn Splashing into two worlds July 23, 2021

Moon and Regulus Listening to the Moon’s interior June 15, 2021

Moon and Regulus Digging into fresh lunar samples March 25, 2021

Lunar Meteorites Picking up pieces of the Moon September 21, 2020

Moon and Antares Shifting the Moon’s weight August 25, 2020

Moon and Planets Filling an ancient lunar crater August 1, 2020

Moon and Antares Softening the lunar landscape March 14, 2020

Moon and Companions A bit of color for the Moon January 19, 2020

Moon and Regulus A giant “ocean” on the dry Moon January 12, 2020

Moon and Saturn A special night for Moon-watching October 5, 2019

Learning Secrets Tapping into the secrets of the Moon July 23, 2019

LRO Sharp eyes on the Moon June 23, 2019

Moon and Spica The Moon’s thin atmosphere March 21, 2019

Moon and Companions The Moon’s “lumpy” gravity June 22, 2018

Moon and Spica Slithering across the Moon February 4, 2018

Last Surveyor A final trip to the Moon January 9, 2018

Moon and Companions Gassing up a lunar atmosphere December 13, 2017

Moon Watching A special night for moonwatching October 28, 2017

Moon and Companions Getting close to two north poles August 29, 2017

Moon and Companions The jumbled-up “dark” side of the Moon July 1, 2017

Moon and Venus Weather on the surface of the Moon May 20, 2017

Moon and Saturn Light and dark on the lunar surface April 15, 2017

Explosive Debris Heavy “rains” from exploding stars August 22, 2016

Lunar Orbiter 1 Mapping the surface of the Moon August 18, 2016

Surveyor 1 A lunar lander that didn’t sink from sight June 2, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran Diving into a famous lunar “sea” March 13, 2016

Moon and Spica Filling a lunar “ocean” January 29, 2016

Featured Images

radar view of Tycho Crater

Sharp Moon September 22, 2021

Selenean Summit, the highest point on the Moon

High Point August 16, 2021

A Great View July 29, 2021

Antares, the Apollo 14 lunar module, at Fra Mauro

Moonshine February 5, 2021

A moonrock found in Antarctica in 1994

Moonrocks September 21, 2020

Sea of Crises

Dry Sea August 1, 2020

Ocean of Storms on the Moon

Dry Ocean January 12, 2020

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter view of Shackleton crater at lunar south pole

Reconnoitering the Moon June 23, 2019

Hidden Moon January 16, 2019

gravity map of a portion of the Moon

Lumpy Moon June 22, 2018

A panorama of the landing site around Surveyor 7

Last Surveyor January 9, 2018

Apollo 16 image of the lunar farside

Far Moon July 2, 2017

Lunar Orbiter 1 views of Earthrise over the Moon

First Earthrise August 18, 2016