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Lunar Phases

The apparent shapes of the Moon as seen from the Earth, which are caused by the Moon’s orbit of the Earth once every 29.5 days. The same phase will fall on the same date of the year according to the Saros cycle, every 18 years, 11 days, and eight hours. See our moon phases page for more information.


Radio Programs

Moon and Saturn Changing the lighting on the Moon May 29, 2021

Moon and Spica Staying awake in the moonlight May 22, 2021

Moon and Antares Shifting the Moon’s weight August 25, 2020

Moon and Planets A “fat” Moon runs the gauntlet May 10, 2020

Long-Night Moon Plenty of moonlight December 11, 2019

Hunter’s Moon A guiding light for hunters October 13, 2019

Moon and Saturn A special night for Moon-watching October 5, 2019

Harvest Moon Harvesting some moonlight September 13, 2019

Moon and Companions Lighting up the Moon September 4, 2019

Moon and Saturn Names that stretch to the Moon July 15, 2019

Daytime Moon A nightlight in the daytime sky January 28, 2019

Lunar Eclipse Snuggling close to the Moon January 18, 2019

Moon and Companions A bright triangle in the dawn sky December 2, 2018

Harvest Moon Lining up the Harvest Moon September 23, 2018

Moon and Regulus Night and day on the Moon April 23, 2018

Eclipsed Blue Moon A super blue lunar eclipse January 30, 2018

Crescent Moon Shedding light on the crescent Moon January 19, 2018

Harvest Moon Sliding back the Harvest Moon October 5, 2017

Thunder Moon The right Moon for the right season July 8, 2017

Moon and Regulus Sneaking up on the celestial lion — after this. February 10, 2017

Moon and Aldebaran Disappearing in the moonlight December 12, 2016

Moon and Aldebaran Going nose to nose with the bull November 14, 2016

Hunter’s Moon Hunting up the Hunter’s Moon October 15, 2016

Short Moon A short night for the full Moon June 19, 2016

Moon in the Middle Phasing in the crescent Moon June 10, 2016

Good Librations Peeking at the far side of the Moon March 21, 2016

Moon and Companions Circling through the stars March 20, 2016

Featured Images

Moon over Arches National Park

Plenty of Moonlight December 11, 2019

D-Day invasion, influenced by the phase of the Moon

Lunar Influence June 6, 2019

Full Moon behind the Wisconsin state capitol, September 2015

Bright Moon November 13, 2016

Total lunar eclipse, October 2014

Lunar Eclipse September 26, 2015