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Lunar Folklore


Radio Programs

Harvest Moon Celebrations of the Mid-Autumn Moon September 28, 2023

Blue Moon A case of the blues for the full Moon August 30, 2023

Harvest Moon Timing up the Harvest Moon September 9, 2022

Moon Watching Keeping a close eye on the Moon November 28, 2020

Harvest Moon Bookend full Moons for October October 1, 2020

Hunter’s Moon A guiding light for hunters October 13, 2019

Harvest Moon Harvesting some moonlight September 13, 2019

Moon and Saturn Names that stretch to the Moon July 15, 2019

Lunar Eclipse Snuggling close to the Moon January 18, 2019

Eclipsed Blue Moon A super blue lunar eclipse January 30, 2018

Harvest Moon Sliding back the Harvest Moon October 5, 2017

Thunder Moon The right Moon for the right season July 8, 2017

Featured Images

Total lunar eclipse, 2014

Super Blue Lunar Eclipse January 30, 2018