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Lunar Folklore


Radio Programs

Second Blue Moon One month, two full Moons March 30, 2018

Moon and Venus Plotting the “morning star” January 30, 2018

Harvest Moon Sliding back the Harvest Moon October 5, 2017

Thunder Moon The right Moon for the right season July 8, 2017

Frosty Moon The “frosty” glow of the full Moon November 13, 2016

Hunter’s Moon Hunting up the Hunter’s Moon October 15, 2016

Moon and Saturn A vigorous debate about Selenites June 18, 2016

Hunter’s Moon Marking time with the Hunter’s Moon October 25, 2015

Blue Moon Modern folklore about the night sky July 29, 2015

Catching the Rain A lunar cup for catching rainfall April 19, 2015

Featured Images

Total lunar eclipse, 2014

Super Blue Lunar Eclipse January 30, 2018

LADEE launch, September 6, 2013

Moon Bound September 7, 2013