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Leo, the Lion

A constellation of the zodiac visible high in south in April and May.


Leo, the Lion

Leo, the Lion May 25, 2010

Radio Programs

Moon and Regulus A lion with the heart of a king April 1, 2023

Moon and the Sickle A perilous position for the Moon July 2, 2022

Carbon Factory A carbon factory in the lion June 22, 2022

Denebola The “dusty” tail of the lion April 13, 2022

Dark Heart A small galaxy with a big black hole February 24, 2022

Vanishing Lion The lion gets ready to disappear July 9, 2017

Leo’s Triplets A galactic trio in the lion May 11, 2017

Featured Images

carbon star cw leonis

Sooty Star June 22, 2022