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Kuiper Belt

A wide belt beyond the orbit of Neptune, the most distant planet from the Sun, that is theorized to contain tens of millions of icy bodies. The most famous member of the belt is Pluto, but it also includes three other objects that have been classified as dwarf planets. Most of the Kuiper Belt’s members are leftover “building blocks” from the birth of the planets. They were thrown into distant orbits by gravitational interactions with the giant outer planets.

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Highest-resolution image of 2014 MU69 (Ultima Thule)

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New Horizons view of MU69 (Ultima Thule)

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New Horizons encounters Ultima Thule

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2014 MU69, a ball of ice and rock about four billion miles from Earth, is the next target for New Horizons

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Diagram shows the location of the Kuiper Belt

Icy Realm July 6, 2015

Three dwarf planets shown to scale with Earth and Moon

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