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Juno Mission

A spacecraft designed to study Jupiter’s interior and atmosphere by orbiting from pole to pole. It will obtain precise measurements of the giant planet’s magnetic and gravitational fields, and peer deep into its turbulent clouds.

Radio Programs

More Juno at Jupiter Probing the birth of the planets July 3, 2016

Juno at Jupiter Arrival at a bright, remote giant July 2, 2016

Calling Cards Calling cards from planet Earth May 26, 2016

Moon and Jupiter A giant planet’s disappearing heart April 21, 2012

More Juno Getting to know an atmosphere August 1, 2011

Juno Looking into the heart of a giant July 31, 2011

Moon and Jupiter Preventing alien contamination January 8, 2011

Featured Images

Cloud Stripes June 26, 2016

Artist's concept of Juno at Jupiter

Jumping Off for Jupiter August 5, 2011