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Japanese Space Program

Featured Images

launch of japanese missions xrism and slim

On Their Way! September 8, 2023

artist's concept of mmx spacecraft with mars moons in background

Sampling a Martian Moon August 21, 2023

Black-Hole Hunter April 3, 2023

sample containers with bits of asteroid Ryugu

Digging In May 5, 2022

The Hayabusa capsule returns to Earth with a sample of asteroid Ryugu

Headed for Home December 4, 2020

Hayabusa 2 on Ryugu; Beresheet heads for the Moon

Space Shots February 22, 2019

Views of the asteroid Hyabusa from a small robotic lander

Rocky Road October 15, 2018

Views from the Hayabusa 2 mission to Ryugu

Asteroid Hopper October 6, 2018

Hyabusa-2 view of asteroid Ryugu, June 24, 2018

Nearly There June 27, 2018

Daytime and nighttime views of Venus

Venusian Skies April 17, 2018

Radio Programs

SLIM A “slim” way to explore the Moon April 4, 2023

XRISM Looking into cosmic maelstroms April 3, 2023

Asteroid Ryugu Early details about an asteroid May 6, 2022

Asteroid Dust Careful handling of pieces of an asteroid May 5, 2022

Hayabusa 2 Coming home with a precious cargo December 4, 2020

Separated at Birth Two asteroids with a single parent October 17, 2020

Hayabusa A precious cargo from beyond Earth June 13, 2020

Moon and Venus Changing the day on Venus November 4, 2018