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International Space Station

An orbiting outpost for scientific, medical, and engineering experiments. Construction began in 1998. The last American component of the station was delivered in 2011. Crews of three spend several months aboard the station, with two crews inhabiting the station simultaneously. International partners in the project include the United States, Russia, Europe, Canada, and Japan.

Featured Images

antimatter-hunting instrument aboard international space station in earth orbit

Anti-Hunter August 18, 2021

International Space Station in 2000 (left) and 2018

Then and Now November 2, 2020

Lighting seen from the International Space Station

Colorful Lightning June 29, 2019

Moonrise July 5, 2018

Melotte 111 star cluster from international space station

Counting Stars May 10, 2018

Nighttime view of Florida from the International Space Station

Bright Nights March 12, 2017

NICER X-Ray Telescope Attached to International Space Station

A 'Nicer' View of the Sky February 21, 2017

Canopus, the second-brightest star in the night sky, from the space station

Stellar Beacon February 24, 2015

A brilliant aurora from the International Space Station

Fiery Sky January 21, 2015

Radio Programs

20 Years in Space The start of a 20-year mission November 2, 2020

NICER A “nicer” kind of satellite February 21, 2017

Mars Opposition III Living on Mars — sort of May 20, 2016