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Impacts and Impact Craters


Craters and Extinctions February 19, 2016


Asteroids February 19, 2016


Venus February 10, 2016

Radio Programs

Megatsunami Making a splash on Mars February 17, 2023

Mars Impacts The Red Planet takes a beating December 6, 2022

Culture Killer? A comet rains fire on the Midwest September 23, 2022

Cosmic Interceptors A possible way to keep Earth safe June 7, 2022

Death by Meteorite? Deadly rain from beyond Earth March 25, 2022

Cosmic Target Taking aim at a Canadian province March 24, 2022

End of the World The end of the world on a spring day March 23, 2022

Moon and Pollux Looking for bits of the Moon on Earth March 12, 2022

Close Calls Space rocks that are getting close February 17, 2022

Close Neighbors Invisible neighbors for Earth February 16, 2022

Sikhote-Alin Expensive shrapnel from space February 12, 2022

Big Changes Rebounding after a catastrophe November 24, 2021

DART Darting around the solar system November 23, 2021

Impact! Evidence of cosmic collisions November 14, 2021

Passing By A close encounter with a space rock November 8, 2021

Asteroids Searching for space rocks September 28, 2021

Moon and Planets Sending packages through the solar system August 20, 2021

Perseid Meteors Fireworks big and small from a comet August 11, 2021

Dangerous Asteroids II Protection against falling rocks August 2, 2021

Dangerous Asteroid Avoiding a planetary catastrophe July 31, 2021

Mars and Venus Punching holes in two planets July 10, 2021

More Moon and Mars The Moon takes a heavy beating April 17, 2021

Rare Rocks Rocks from a distant impact February 6, 2021

Moon and Mars High and low on the Red Planet November 25, 2020

More Moon and Planets A moon that’s lucky to be around November 19, 2020

Dinosaur Killer Affirming a global catastrophe November 10, 2020

Moon and Planets Filling an ancient lunar crater August 1, 2020

Morning Mercury Peeling away the skin of Mercury July 22, 2020

Crater Hunting Hunting the scar of an asteroid April 17, 2020

Making Glass A fiery birth for a Sun god March 18, 2020

American Craters Big holes in the American landscape January 30, 2020

Diamond Crater Diamonds by the ton January 29, 2020

Impact Craters A giant blast from the past January 28, 2020

Moon and Regulus A giant “ocean” on the dry Moon January 12, 2020

Clam Beads An odd discovery in Florida clams January 6, 2020

Moon and Mars The Red Planet gets wet October 25, 2019

Moon and Regulus A barrage from the asteroid belt October 22, 2019

Making Glass A fiery birth for a Sun god August 12, 2019

Moon and Jupiter Blasting a giant planet July 13, 2019

Moon and Venus Pockmarked worlds in the dawn sky March 31, 2019

Moon and Jupiter Counting flashes on the Moon February 26, 2019

Hidden Crater Revealing an ancient scar January 17, 2019

Uranus at Opposition Knocking over a giant planet October 22, 2018

Close Visitor A close visit by a space rock October 16, 2018

More Moon and Mars Building the moons of Mars June 30, 2018

More Moon and Mars Digging deep into the Martian surface June 3, 2018

Moon and Planets Hazards to planetary navigation January 10, 2018

Moon and Regulus Flashes on the dark Moon November 10, 2017

Close Encounters A dangerous encounter with a star November 1, 2017

Protecting Earth Protecting Earth from space rocks October 12, 2017

Tracking Trouble A close encounter with an asteroid October 11, 2017

Moon and Saturn Light and dark on the lunar surface April 15, 2017

Scary Asteroids Cataloging scary space rocks January 15, 2017

Featured Images

new impact crater on mars

Digging a Hole December 6, 2022

Hiding in the Sunlight October 31, 2022

Planetary Protection June 7, 2022

manicouagan crater, quebec

Cosmic Target March 24, 2022

Dinosaur-killing asteroid

A Bad Day November 10, 2020

Artist's concept of a small planet smacking into the young Jupiter

All Mixed Up October 30, 2019

pectoral worn by King Tutankhamen

Cosmic Jewel August 12, 2019

An asteroid slams into Greenland

Big Bash May 13, 2019

Fireball over Bering Sea

Fireball March 24, 2019

Map showing the path of the Peekskill meteorite

Bright Visitor October 9, 2017

Colorful Caloris April 15, 2016

Radio view of asteroid 2015 TB145, which will pass close to Earth on Halloween

Boo! October 31, 2015