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Impacts and Impact Craters



Asteroids February 19, 2016

Craters and Extinctions February 19, 2016


Venus February 10, 2016

Radio Programs

Making Glass A fiery birth for a Sun god August 12, 2019

Moon and Jupiter Blasting a giant planet July 13, 2019

Moon and Venus Pockmarked worlds in the dawn sky March 31, 2019

Moon and Jupiter Counting flashes on the Moon February 26, 2019

Hidden Crater Revealing an ancient scar January 17, 2019

Uranus at Opposition Knocking over a giant planet October 22, 2018

Close Visitor A close visit by a space rock October 16, 2018

More Moon and Mars Building the moons of Mars June 30, 2018

More Moon and Mars Digging deep into the Martian surface June 3, 2018

X-Ray Astronomy IV Little stars with big kicks January 10, 2018

Moon and Regulus Flashes on the dark Moon November 10, 2017

Close Encounters A dangerous encounter with a star November 1, 2017

Protecting Earth Protecting Earth from space rocks October 12, 2017

Tracking Trouble A close encounter with an asteroid October 11, 2017

Moon and Saturn Light and dark on the lunar surface April 15, 2017

Scary Asteroids Cataloging scary space rocks January 15, 2017

Uranus at Opposition Knocking over a giant planet October 13, 2016

Moon and Mars Whipping up the moons of Mars September 9, 2016

OSIRIS-Rex II Keeping an eye on a potential killer September 7, 2016

Moon and Jupiter Vacuuming up some trouble August 5, 2016

One Year Later, II Creation from cosmic violence July 19, 2016

Spacey Artifacts Trinkets from beyond in a pharaoh’s tomb June 24, 2016

Tricky Craters Two holes in the Egyptian desert June 22, 2016

Evening Mercury A hot spot on a hot planet April 15, 2016

Moon and Companions Building a mound on the Moon — after this. January 6, 2016

More Mariner 4 Changing the concept of Mars July 13, 2015

Moon and Antares Digging up some lunar history June 1, 2015

One-Two Punch Space rocks pummel Australia May 29, 2015

Moon and Mars Asteroids take aim at Mars January 21, 2015

Featured Images

pectoral worn by King Tutankhamen

Cosmic Jewel August 12, 2019

An asteroid slams into Greenland

Big Bash May 13, 2019

Fireball over Bering Sea

Fireball March 24, 2019

Map showing the path of the Peekskill meteorite

Bright Visitor October 9, 2017

Colorful Caloris April 15, 2016

Radio view of asteroid 2015 TB145, which will pass close to Earth on Halloween

Boo! October 31, 2015

Lunar Giant December 30, 2014

Possible origin of the Ocean of Storms

Cracks in the Moon December 11, 2014

Giant impact craters on Saturn's moons Mimas and Tethys

Survivors August 4, 2014

Artist's concept of comet impact on Jupiter

Strike One! July 16, 2014

Fresh Martian impact crater seen by an orbiting spacecraft in late 2013

Fresh Impact February 7, 2014

A giant asteroid slams into Earth, leading to global extinctions

Impact! January 6, 2014

Chart showing the path of asteroid 2012 DA14 relative to Earth.

Getting Close February 14, 2013

Craters fill an ancient river channel on Mars

Martian Rapids October 10, 2011

MESSENGER's first color image of Mercury, March 29, 2011

First Glimpse March 31, 2011

Cassini image of Saturn's moon Mimas, October 2010

Scarface October 25, 2010

The aftermath of an asteroid impact in the southern hemisphere of Jupiter

Giant Scar September 20, 2010

Scars of Apollo March 29, 2010

Impact! February 3, 2010