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Hydra, the Water Snake

Radio Programs

The Bad Crow A naughty crow angers the gods April 9, 2022

The Cat A cat prowls the night sky May 16, 2021

Alphard The “solitary” star of the water snake February 27, 2021

Southern Pinwheel Pinwheeling across the southern sky April 28, 2020

The Snake’s Head Stars of the uninhabited spot February 23, 2020

Zeta Hydrae Measuring the size of a star February 24, 2019

Alphard A mystery in the water snake February 23, 2019

Big Changes A Sun-like star picks up the pace June 16, 2017

The Solitary One A solitary light in a zone of darkness April 29, 2017

Featured Images

The Southern Owl Nebula, the last gasp of a dying star

Perfect Bubble August 5, 2015