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Astronomical Distances



Radio Programs

Bright companions for the Moon
Mapping the distance to the galactic center
Tracking a big, brilliant star
A surprise from a well-known star
Discovering a one-time neighbor
A “runaway train” in the stars
Measuring the girth of a big star
Pinning down a giant star
Looking deep into the universe
Measuring the solar system with a ruler
A 20-parsec jaunt across the galaxy
Discovering the expanding universe
The Seven Sisters move farther away
Pacing off the distance to the North Star
Looking into the past of our home galaxy
Taking a census of our stellar neighborhood
Exploding stars with a difference
Two lights passing in the night sky
A close but wide-spread trio
The nearby shoulder of a centaur
Racking up the frequent-flyer miles
The emptiness between the stars
A journey to a stellar supergiant
Getting close to bright Mars
Pacing off the distance to a giant
Taking the measure of a giant star
A journey into the distant past
A crane strides across the southern sky
Mapping a billion stars
Counting up the stars
Looking 67 years back in time
A small but vast astronomical gap
Taking the measure of the solar system
Measuring astronomical distances
Poking into the life of a famous star
The Milky Way bulks up
A star by the numbers
Angling in on the stars
The rhythmic beat of a star
Taking the measure of a nearby star
Long pauses in long-distance calls
The flying horse’s bright nose
Bright and brighter in the dawn sky
Taking the measure of a jumbo star
Turning on some far-away lamps
Measuring out a solar-system ruler
Taking a bead on the lion’s tail
Lining up some bright companions
Looking deep into the universe
Taking a peek at a busy downtown
A tiny measurement of a big distance
Filtering out the starlight
The brilliant death of a distant star
Spreading out to watch a little black dot
Looking for a "revolutionary" star...
The long path to a nearby star
Taking the measure of a neighbor
A quasi-stellar mystery
An experiment that could use a dust cloth
Getting a handle on the Big Dipper
Padding after a faint celestial cat

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