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Chemistry of the Universe


Radio Programs

Brilliant clusters in the early universe
Whipping up the first stars
A difference between young and old stars
Scientist, writer, contrarian
Unlocking the secrets of the stars
Powering the search for life
An ancient family of stars
Measuring the age of the solar system
A key element in fact and fantasy
Ironing out a heavy element
“Warping” the heart of a planet
Starting a universe with a bang
Clearing out interstellar space
Breathing a creation of the stars
Digging into the history of the galaxy
Breathing the “ash” of dead stars
Mining gold from a black hole
A remnant of the Big Bang
Tracing the birth of stars
Creating elements between the stars
Hunting for worlds like Earth
A giant cloud of stellar debris
Evidence of ancient chemical factories
An aging but colorful star
Real astronomical “sparklers”
Building a stellar onion
Segregating the stars of the Milky Way
Drinking up the Big Bang
A “sweet” discovery at a distant star
A stellar recycling project
A flock of young stars
A crowded “city” of stars
Dead planets around dead stars?
A nearby stellar youngster
Forging the chemistry of life
Forging the element of life
Forging elements in a stellar factory
Stirring up a lively brew
Breathing in an exotic element
Our big, life-giving galaxy
A dead star and an almost-dead star
Hiding from a "gassy" visitor...
Relics of the early universe
Building a stellar recycling center
Heavy metal the slow way
Ready for a dose of magnesium
A "heavy" discovery from a faint star...

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