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Historical Events

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War Work Soldiering through a war December 8, 2016

Off to War Astronomers head to war December 7, 2016

Financing a Career A successful career from a global panic October 10, 2016

Biosphere 2 Stepping into a new world September 25, 2016

H.G. Wells Creating an alien invasion September 21, 2016

Imperial Month The “imperial” months of summer August 1, 2016

The Great War, V American astronomers in World War I May 13, 2016

The Great War, IV War changes an astronomer’s destiny May 12, 2016

The Great War, III The man who solved Einstein’s equations May 11, 2016

The Great War, II Science in the battlefields of Europe May 10, 2016

The Great War Bad timing for eclipse watchers May 9, 2016

Ides of March Beware the Ides of March March 15, 2016

Leap Day Leaping with the seasons February 29, 2016

Plutonium A new element for a new world — after this. February 24, 2016

More Charles Townes Shining a new light on the universe July 28, 2015

Charles Townes Dreaming up a laser beam July 27, 2015

Rock Fight Fighting over a rock from space May 1, 2015

Solar Nap The Sun takes a long nap April 29, 2015

Twin Monsters Giving life to a classic story April 4, 2015

Daylight Saving Time Saving daylight to save energy October 31, 2014

Star Time Setting your watch by the stars October 20, 2014

World War II, Part III Science and service in World War II September 3, 2014

World War II, Part II European astronomy during the war September 2, 2014

World War II Heading toward World War II September 1, 2014

Ranger 7 A successful crash in the Moon Race July 30, 2014

McDonald at 75 The start of a scientific adventure May 4, 2014

Space Fair A world’s fair for the Space Age April 21, 2014

Lunar Eclipse Changing the course of history April 12, 2014

Blackout! The Sun turns out the lights March 11, 2014

War of the Worlds An attack from Mars October 29, 2013

Under Attack Earth is attacked by a star October 28, 2013

July Honoring a famous calendar maker June 30, 2013

Faith 7 The end of a space-age singles act May 15, 2013

Time and Navigation A helpful device for seeing the world April 10, 2013

Zapped! Earth gets zapped by cosmic radiation March 25, 2013

Capistrano Meteorite A California town gets a visitor March 14, 2013

More Moon and Companions A grand era of exploration December 8, 2012

The Horse’s Nose The flying horse’s bright nose September 22, 2012

Alexandria A city — and a star — fit for a king July 19, 2012

Apollo 16 Fun and science on the lunar surface April 20, 2012

The New Year Bringing the calendar to heel December 31, 2011

Grote Reber A new way to study the universe December 21, 2011

Saturnalia A modern celebration with old customs December 16, 2011

Race to the Pole Racing for the south pole December 13, 2011

John A. Wheeler A new name for invisible stars July 8, 2011

Luis Alvarez Subatomic particles and dead dinosaurs June 12, 2011

Transit of 1761, Part III Ducking cannonfire in the name of science June 7, 2011

Transit of 1761, Part II Dodging cannonfire in the name of science June 6, 2011

Moon or Bust! Setting a lofty national goal May 21, 2011

Space Day A double reason to celebrate April 11, 2011

Revolutionary Star Looking for a "revolutionary" star... April 9, 2011

Featured Images

Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

Off to War December 7, 2016

H.G. Wells created the alien invasion genre

Invader! September 21, 2016

Illustration of 1833 Leonid meteor storm

Skyfall November 16, 2015

Views from the 1964 World's Fair

Space Fair April 22, 2014

Superman's back story may have been inspired by an exploding star

Exploding Stars December 14, 2013

Skylab in orbit

First Space Station May 14, 2013

Artist's concept of Mariner 2 flying past Venus, December 14, 1962

First Encounter December 13, 2012

Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan drives his lunar rover

End of the Road December 10, 2012

Neil Armstrong aboard the lunar module Eagle, July 21, 1969

Leading the Way August 26, 2012

Alan Shepard enters his capsule, then launches aboard Freedom 7, May 5, 1961

A-OK Flight May 5, 2011

Launches of Vostok 1, STS-1 (space shuttle Columbia)

Double Date April 12, 2011

China Clipper Sails the Pacific Ocean

Night Over Water November 22, 2010