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Grades 6-8 (Ages 11-13)

Radio Programs

Moon and Aldebaran Patiently watching the bull’s eye October 29, 2015

Cassini at Enceladus Hot water on an icy moon October 26, 2015

Sheratan The hidden nature of a binary star October 24, 2015

Morning Trio The first look at a hidden landscape October 21, 2015

Homunculus Nebula A giant star blows giant bubbles October 20, 2015

Eta Carinae Impressive stellar siblings October 19, 2015

Enif The bright nose of the winged horse October 17, 2015

Tau Ceti De-populating a popular star system October 13, 2015

Hot Planet A world you wouldn’t want to visit October 12, 2015

51 Pegasi A puffy planet gets some attention October 11, 2015

Alpha Persei A young star ages in a hurry October 8, 2015

Moon and Companions Bright companions for the Moon October 6, 2015

Double Cluster A pair of vigorous star clusters October 4, 2015

Faintest Cluster A faint cluster that’s doomed October 3, 2015

Rare Gems Yellow gems from the water bearer October 2, 2015

More Cosmic Background Taking the universe’s temperature October 1, 2015

Cosmic Background The crackle of the Big Bang September 30, 2015

Blue Snowball An electric-blue wake in the evening sky September 29, 2015

Mirach Stars at opposite ends of the scale September 28, 2015

Big Story A big-screen story in the autumn sky September 27, 2015

Dabih A dizzying system of stars September 22, 2015

Fomalhaut Grinding up some “dusty” comets September 20, 2015

Moon and Antares Ticking off the hours of the night September 18, 2015

Moon and Saturn Sharing space around Saturn September 17, 2015

Andromeda Galaxy Taking in all of a giant galaxy September 15, 2015