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Lifecycle of Stars



Radio Programs

Bounding past the hunter’s feet
The revenge of the scrawny
The showiest “dog” star of all
A young star ages in a hurry
Yellow gems from the water bearer
One star born from two
A star that’s changing in a hurry
Similar but different lights near the Moon
Powering up some strong magnets
Setting up future outbursts
Tiny stars put on brilliant displays
Two ways to make a supernova
Piecing together a celestial snake
A long but barren constellation
Reinvigorating some old stars
Watching a star puff up
The big dog’s brilliant paw
A brilliant set of triplets
The bright foot of a celestial twin
Dancing with the firebird
Keeping an old star looking young
A pair of juvenile stellar neighbors
A fading family of ancient stars
The above-average stars of the Great Square
The head of the serpent bearer
The true nature of a glowing cat’s eye
A star with a bright profile
Doomed planets around a dying star
Impressive stars near the scorpion’s heart
A blaze of color for a dying star
Siblings that age at different rates
Stellar siblings with different futures
The amazing fate of a giant star
Two stars with big futures
A stellar whirling dervish
A preview of coming attractions
Violent scenarios for a binary star
Doomed stars in the scorpion
Revving up a celestial dog
A bubbly stellar supergiant
Up-and-down stars in the northern crown
A black hole devours a companion
Putting the squeeze on a star
The Moon takes the bull by the horns
Another impressive “dog” star
Spinning up a bright young star
A different kind of star system
A pair of stellar light bulbs
An aging but colorful star
Younger but “older” than the Sun
A stellar weight-loss program
A footstool for the hunter
Bright stars with a bright future
A constellation with a case of the big head
Turmoil at the end of a star’s life
Aging stars in the triangle
A stellar cannibal for Halloween
Dead stars consume dead planets
Deciphering the tale of an aging star
Stirring up the family dynamics
The scorpion’s dynamic stinger
A star that spins in a hurry
Stars that are faint but long-lived
Piecing together a celestial snake
A quick exit for a “heavy” star
The demise of a star and planet
A stellar weight-loss plan
Outshined by a flashy sibling
Squeezing the heart of a dead star
An exciting future for a pair of stars
A big, bright stellar family
A superstar among supergiants
Taking a look into the future
Dancing with the firebird
A pair of “Saturns” in the night sky
A young but aging star
Looking at the Sun’s bright future
Arrowing into the autumn season
Possible homes for neighbors
Different stars, different lives
Getting dumped on by a neighbor
Stirring up two stellar companions
"Flashy" sisters in the evening sky...
Sculpting a beautiful stellar corpse
A young-but-old star
A wonderful but doomed star
Counting stellar birthday candles
Crowning the evening sky
A star that's changing in a hurry...
Sculpting a celestial work of art
Blowing bubbles around a dying star
Getting a handle on the Big Dipper
Relics of the early universe
The lion's impressive tail...
Pointing the way to the compass
Rejuvenation in an old star cluster
The Moon and the lion's "regal"...
Impressive stars for the unicorn
Building a stellar recycling center
Stars with a strong attraction
Ready for a dose of magnesium

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