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Years of playing “peek-a-boo”
Looking at the future of the Sun
Patiently watching the bull’s eye
A world you wouldn’t want to visit
A stellar disappearing act
Similar but different lights near the Moon
Igniting the core of a star
Battle of the sexes in the evening sky
The cool glow of a bright star
A 20-parsec jaunt across the galaxy
Making carbon and oxygen in a star
Avoiding a celestial collision
Changing a delicate balancing act
Keeping an eye on the bull’s eye
Taking the measure of the bull’s eye
Looking 67 years back in time
The beginning of the end
Bright and brighter in the dawn sky
The demise of a star and planet
Looking at the Sun’s bright future
Following the eye of the bull
Predicting the future of a star
Keeping an eye on a giant star
Putting a star on the bathroom scale
Taking the measure of a bright star
A star that's changing in a hurry...
Heavy metal the slow way

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