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Extraterrestrial Life


Libra, the Scales

Libra, the Scales October 4, 2011

An artist's concept of a giant planet orbiting a star other than the Sun.

Signs of Life May 21, 2010

Radio Programs

Perseus Cloud The chemistry of life in a star cluster November 23, 2023

More Moon and Venus Looking for life in an unlikely spot November 8, 2023

Valuable Real Estate Assessing the exoplanet real estate market July 31, 2023

JUICE III A lot of help on the road to Jupiter April 12, 2023

Trappist-1 Update Prospects for life in a busy star system December 29, 2022

Moon and Companions Looking for life in unlikely places December 25, 2022

Moon and Saturn A long-range exploration September 7, 2022

Falling into Place Making a planet a good home for life September 2, 2022

Cooperative Planets Tracking down the details August 31, 2022

Hycean Planets A new class of habitable planets August 30, 2022

Friendly Rogues Friendly “rogues” roaming the galaxy August 29, 2022

Wow! A signal that makes you think “wow!” August 15, 2022

Sweet Cloud Young stars and raspberry rum July 18, 2022

Chasing Colors The colors of life on other planets July 16, 2022

Moon and Spica Living under two brilliant suns June 9, 2022

Morning Meeting A close meet-up in the dawn sky April 1, 2022

Life in the Red Living under small, red suns January 12, 2022

Alien Hunters Looking for alien tech close to home November 22, 2021

Snarling Wolf A small star with a big attitude October 27, 2021

Nightlights Looking for the glow of alien cities October 22, 2021

Reading Atmospheres The complicated hunt for life October 4, 2021

Moon and Jupiter Floating through the clouds of Jupiter August 21, 2021

Moon and Planets Sending packages through the solar system August 20, 2021

Moon and Saturn Whispered hints of life June 26, 2021

Moon and Venus Hints of life in Venus’s clouds June 11, 2021

Moon and Saturn Hunting for life in a small moon March 8, 2021

The Great Silence The silence of the galaxy November 24, 2020

More Trappist-1 A planet with a busy sky September 15, 2020

Tau Ceti Listening in on a neighbor April 8, 2020

Moon and Venus Living in the clouds of Venus March 28, 2020

Moon and Saturn Dipping into an intriguing ocean February 19, 2020

Living on the Sun Living on the face of the Sun January 22, 2020

AU Microscopii Making life hard for young planets October 23, 2019

Still Listening Still searching for aliens September 30, 2019

Gamma-Ray Bursts Giant cosmic “death rays” August 14, 2019

Looking for Earths Looking for Earth-sized planets June 26, 2019

Moon and Venus “Lively” stripes on Venus April 30, 2019

A Short Visit Studying a visitor from beyond February 6, 2019

Habitable Planets Counting planets in the habitable zone February 5, 2019

Bad Homes Two stars that are bad homes for life February 1, 2019

Planet Hunters Photographing hundreds of planets December 18, 2018

Biosignatures Signs of life among the stars December 17, 2018

Deadly Blasts Zapping the neighbors with energy July 16, 2018

Moon and Venus Living in the clouds of Venus July 15, 2018

Hunting Aliens Still no signs of ET July 13, 2018

Invaders Making it simple for alien invaders May 16, 2018

Extremophiles Life in the most unlikely of places November 24, 2017

Radio Power Sailing on a “breeze” of radio waves May 24, 2017

Rio Scale Rating the odds of finding ET April 14, 2017

Looking for Life Looking for life in a cold ocean March 28, 2017

Habitable or Not? Different outcomes for a nearby planet March 2, 2017

Hydrothermal Vents A starting point in the search for life February 17, 2017

Featured Images

Trappist-1 and its seven known planets

Gobs of Planets December 29, 2022

the clouds of jupiter

Inhospitable Clouds August 21, 2021

cassini view of enceladus

Distant Habitat? March 8, 2021

Artist's concept of a planet orbiting the star Tau Ceti

Inhospitable Planet April 8, 2020

Enceladus passes in front of Saturn's rings

Ocean World February 19, 2020

Artist's concept of possible Earth-like worlds in other star systems

Planet Parade April 15, 2019


Bad Homes January 31, 2019

Looking for Life December 17, 2018

artist's concept of ancient venus

Living in the Clouds? July 15, 2018

radio telescopes scan the skies for signs of intelligent life

Still Waiting July 13, 2018

Fountains from Enceladus

Cold fountains January 17, 2018

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Extreme Life November 24, 2017

The faint star Trappist-1 and three of its planets

Cool Star, Warm Planets? September 14, 2016