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European Astronomy and Space Program

Featured Images

CHEOPS in orbit

Following Up October 11, 2019

New Explorers September 3, 2019

On Its Way October 20, 2018

Artist's concept of BepiColombo arriving at Mercury in 2025

Heading for Mercury October 4, 2018

VLT view of young planet orbiting the star PDS 70

Taking Shape July 2, 2018

Trace Gas Orbiter view of Korolev Crater on Mars

First Look April 27, 2018

Before and after views of the landing site of the Schiaparelli probe

Lost and Found October 22, 2016

ExoMars 2016 launch

Mars Bound March 14, 2016

Giotto view of Halley's Comet, March 1986

Assault on a Comet March 5, 2016

Launch of Lisa Pathfinder

Gravity Bound December 2, 2015

Space-based view of solar eclipse of March 20, 2015

Disappearing Sun March 20, 2015

The Huygens probe arrives at Titan in 2005

Cold Landing January 14, 2015

Philae lander view of its landing site

Stuck? November 14, 2014

View of Philae lander and its target comet

Headed for a Comet November 12, 2014

Artist's concept of Philae lander on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

Touchdown! November 12, 2014

Landing site for the Rosetta comet probe

Comet Target September 29, 2014

August 6, 2014, view of Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko by Rosetta

Getting Closer August 7, 2014

August 3, 2014, image of Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko from Rosetta

Arrival August 6, 2014

Artist's concept of Solar Orbiter

Feeling the Heat July 4, 2014

Artist's concept of Rosetta contacting Earth

Back to Work January 20, 2014

The Planck space telescope and its view of the cosmic microwave background

Going Dark October 24, 2013

Infrared image of the Carina Nebula from space-based Herschel Observatory

Busy Nursery June 6, 2012

Ultraviolet view of Venusian clouds from Venus Express orbiter

Cloudy Skies November 26, 2011

Giotto spacecraft view of Halley's Comet, March 1986

Halley's Armada March 5, 2011

The Milky Way galaxy and the afterglow of the Big Bang make up this all-sky imag

A Little of Everything July 6, 2010

Cold Fingers March 19, 2010

Radio Programs

CHEOPS Going for the details October 11, 2019

New Explorers Jamming up the space lanes September 3, 2019

Moon and Jupiter Counting flashes on the Moon February 26, 2019

Mercury Bound Starting the long trip to Mercury October 4, 2018

Moon and Jupiter Digging into a giant moon July 20, 2018

Moon and Mars Sniffing for life on Mars June 29, 2018

Moon and Regulus Flashes on the dark Moon November 10, 2017

Moon and Companions Preparing for future journeys August 1, 2017

New Missions Stars and ripples for two spacecraft December 19, 2016

More ExoMars A dress rehearsal for a Mars rover October 17, 2016

ExoMars Lining up an approach to Mars October 16, 2016

Heading for Mars Getting ready for a trip to Mars March 11, 2016

Assault on a Comet A fleet takes aim at a comet March 5, 2016

Huygens Parachuting through alien skies January 13, 2015