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Egyptian Astronomy and Folklore

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Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza

Lining Up September 30, 2021

pectoral worn by King Tutankhamen

Cosmic Jewel August 12, 2019

Radio Programs

Moon and Spica Lining up a bright star June 28, 2020

Summer Solstice Lining up the summer solstice June 19, 2020

Making Glass A fiery birth for a Sun god March 18, 2020

Osiris A starry home for dead pharaohs March 10, 2020

Apep A “chaotic” star system August 15, 2019

Making Glass A fiery birth for a Sun god August 12, 2019

Nabta Calendar markers in the Egyptian desert June 20, 2018

Spacey Artifacts Trinkets from beyond in a pharaoh’s tomb June 24, 2016

Iron From Above Iron trinkets from beyond Earth June 23, 2016

Coma Berenices Sparkling tresses of stars March 29, 2016