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Egyptian Astronomy and Folklore

Radio Programs

Coma Berenices Sparkling tresses of stars March 29, 2016

Moon and Antares Ticking off the hours of the night September 18, 2015

Thuban Lining up an ancient wonder June 12, 2015

Earth Impacts III Violence and beauty in the Sahara January 7, 2014

Abu Simbel Lighting an ancient sanctuary October 18, 2013

July Honoring a famous calendar maker June 30, 2013

Summer Lining up the summer solstice June 19, 2013

Pyramid Stars Guiding lights of the ancient world March 24, 2013

Seventh Month Miscounting the months August 31, 2012

Moon and Stars Following the leader in the evening sky June 3, 2011

Featured Images

Alexandria, Egypt, as seen from the International Space Station

City of Power July 20, 2012