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Deep Impact Mission

Deep Impact fired a probe at Comet Tempel 1, gouging a fresh crater and giving astronomers a look at material beneath the surface, which probably had remained unchanged since the comet’s birth.



Comets February 19, 2016

Featured Images

Comet Tempel 1 as seen by the Stardust spacecraft, February 14, 2011

Close Cometary Encounter February 17, 2011

Comet Tempel-1 from the Stardust spacecraft, February 14, 2011

Second Glance February 15, 2011

Comet Hartley-2 from Deep Impact Spacecraft

Fowl Comet? November 5, 2010

Deep Impact view of Comet Hartley-2

Closing In November 4, 2010

Comet Hartley-2 from McDonald Observatory

Jolly Green Comet October 21, 2010

Infrared view of Comet Hartley 2 from WISE

Heading for a Rendezvous October 6, 2010