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Death of Stars


Cosmic Beacons May 21, 2010

Radio Programs

Ring Nebula Blowing bubbles around a dying star July 4, 2019

Disappearing Star A potential firecracker fizzles out August 23, 2017

More Northern Crown The “re-death” of two dead stars May 28, 2017

Moon and Spica Different fates for stellar siblings May 8, 2017

Black-Hole Feast A black hole feasts on a big star April 26, 2017

Fast Bursts Explaining a new kind of outburst January 18, 2017

Bright and Brighter Boosting the “boom” of an exploding star June 7, 2016

Gamma-Ray Bursts III The brilliant birth of a black hole April 20, 2016

Moon and Regulus Give and take among the stars — after this. April 16, 2016

Featured Images

Universal Chemistry March 6, 2017

NGC 6543, the Cat's Eye Nebula

Pure Artistry April 9, 2016

Dumbbell Nebula, M27

Grand Finale September 24, 2013

Hubble Space Telescope view of Cat's Eye Nebula, a planetary nebula

Blowing Bubbles March 13, 2012

Hubble Space Telescope images of the aftermath of Supernova 1987A

Wave of Destruction February 23, 2012

Hubble Space Telescope image of the aftermath of Supernova 1987A

Stellar Ghost February 21, 2012

Sirius B, the white-dwarf companion to Sirius, compared to the size of Earth

Stellar Afterlife February 1, 2012

Plumes of gas spew into space from the roiling surface of Betelgeuse, the bright

Stellar Timebomb December 1, 2011

A view of NGC 3582, a large stellar nursery in Karina

Life and Death April 19, 2011

Infrared view of planetary nebula NGC 4361 in Corvus

Cotton-Candy Star April 3, 2011