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The showiest “dog” star of all
The big dog wags its tail — after this.
A crab scuttles across the sky
Impressive stellar siblings
Getting ready to put on a show
Making a powerful magnet
Two stars with a bright future
Tiny stars put on brilliant displays
Two ways to make a supernova
A brilliant duet for the giraffe
The big dog’s brilliant paw
A bright future for the scorpion
Ironing out a heavy element
The brightest outbursts in the universe
A couple of brilliant ways to die
A big star with a brilliant future
Inspirational beauty in the southern sky
The amazing fate of a giant star
Violent scenarios for a binary star
Time bombs in the evening sky
Doomed stars in the scorpion
A galaxy with a steady supply of fireworks
Dead stars that won’t shut up
Clouding up nearby space
Blasting apart a giant star
A mid-size stellar explosion
A giant cloud of stellar debris
Gravity wins the stellar battle
The third time’s the charm
Strumming a few astronomical notes
Reborn from a violent demise
Two stars with different fates
Evidence of a flashy neighbor
Multiple explosions from a single star
A stellar recycling project
A double suicide among the stars
A picture-perfect stellar explosion
Hunting for an elusive neutron star
Blasting a giant star to bits

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