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Grades PreK-3 (Ages 3-8)



Radio Programs

Two planets without moons
A “liquid” atmosphere for Venus
Filling a lunar “ocean”
Years of playing “peek-a-boo”
Zapped by the Sun — twice
A river that ends twice
A footstool for the hunter
Building a mound on the Moon — after this.
Dropping in on a nasty planet
Visiting a dusty star system — after this.
Mars, meteors, and the Moon — after this.
Beckoning the Sun to return
Sharing a bright star
Dark skies for a meteor shower
The master of a busy domain
A star that’s more than meets the eye
A tiny star with a big temper
A great show from the “morning star”
Reminders of a distant comet
Tracking Saturn across the sky
A busy member of the Local Group
Lining up names for the full Moon
Lining up a skywatching treat
Changing seasons — one way or another
Beauty and fire in the dawn sky
A stellar disappearing act
Probing the heart of a giant
Heating up Saturn’s interior
Venus moves to the morning sky
Flashes of light in the summer night
Fiery skies from comet dust
Splitting the difference on the calendar
Following a stately planet
Frozen in place in lunar skies
Stretching the afternoon sunlight
Stretching out the month of June
Losing our eyes and ears on Venus
Digging up some lunar history
Pinpointing a giant planet
Bringing a constellation into balance
The “evening star” slows down
A confusing layout for a faint constellation
The shiny nose of the great bear
Location, location, location
Predicting our unpredictable Sun
The Sun gets a lot brighter
The Sun shines on and on and on
Double “smacks” for a young planet
A lunar cup for catching rainfall
Lining up a total lunar eclipse
A legacy from 1492
The “dusty” tail of the lion
Shaking up the solar system
Springing into a long, long day
Extra darkness for the Arctic
Heating up the Moon’s interior
Safety first around an amazing star
Taking a look at the busy Sun
A touch of fall near the Moon
A big showing for a big planet
Settling the dust on the Moon
The Moon stays active
On the trail of “shooting stars”
Taking the measure of a monster
Illumination from darkness
Venus’s nightside goes green
A brilliant presence in the night sky
The changing landscape of the sky
Tilting back for the start of winter
Swirling through the clouds of a giant planet
Fireworks from the celestial twins
Ready for a “streaky” meteor shower
Clouds of dust around a giant planet
Deceptive lights in the dawn sky
Saving daylight to save energy
The Seven Sisters move farther away
A “hiccup” for the North Star
Pacing off the distance to the North Star
Darkening the afternoon sky
Setting your watch by the stars
Discovering a meteor shower
Meteor showers on two planets
Traveling to a deadly planet
A repeat performance for the Moon
The leading lights of Pegasus
The above-average stars of the Great Square
The full Moon lights the way
Covering up a passel of stars
A star with a bright profile
Looking for sparks through the moonlight
A steaming teapot in the southern sky
Visiting the cool mountains of Venus
Looking at the Sun from near and far
Locking the Moon in position
A starry bird and a Mayan king
A brilliant early morning encounter
Plotting the motions of the Sun
A gazelle leaps across the sky
The nearby shoulder of a centaur
Two stars with big futures
A study in contrasts in the evening sky
Squashing a giant planet
A case of deceptive beauty
Promise and possibility in the early morning sky
Looking for a new meteor shower
Angling for a good view of Saturn
Violent scenarios for a binary star
Naming a meteor shower
Meteors for all occasions
Big entertainment in the night sky
Changing the course of history
Probing an unpredictable polar vortex
A roller-coaster ride for a bright planet
Building a solar system giant
Love and beauty in the dawn sky
A star of the first magnitude
The “morning star” at its brightest
Creating a powerful magnetic field
A resting spot for the hunter
A beautiful dawn encounter
Plunging into a turbulent world
Lining up a lunar encounter
One set of stars, two pictures
A giant, icy moon
Peeking at the Moon’s backside
Pacing off the distance to a giant
The demise of the evening star
Riding waves in Saturn’s rings
Heating up a giant planet
A bright but temporary meteor shower
Lighting up a Venusian day
Following the rhythms of the night
A change of address for Mars
Lighting up a night sky
A rare solar eclipse
The king of the Olympics
Casting off into the Celestial Sea
Moonlight and meteors
Hunting up a faint eclipse
Sparks from the celestial dragon
Nodding away from the Sun
Phasing in on the “evening star”
The always-hot “evening star”
Unseen visions of a bright planet
An unforgiving environment
Diving into lunar research
A radio story from a giant planet
Lining up a celestial encounter
A complex claw for the scorpion
Balancing the scorpion’s claws
Heating up the “evening star”
Honoring a famous calendar maker
Putting a new spin on the evening star
Lining up the “evening star”
Rumbling through the Sun
At the edge of the solar system
A weight-loss plan for the Sun
Turning up the thermostat
Our steadily changing Sun
Beginning a new lunar cycle
The dusty space around Jupiter
A ring of fire above the Pacific Ocean
Sparks from a “wet” constellation
Whirling around the North Star
Neighbors that stir things up
Measuring the skin of the Moon
Navigating by the stars
Sailing across the southern sky
A bright highlight on the dark Moon
Springing into a new season
The Moon takes the bull by the horns
Wrapped in a magnetic embrace
Spinning up a bright young star
Poking into the life of a famous star
The un-steady beat of the North Star
Guided by the North Star
From leading light to a pale second
Connecting the dots of a starry square
A giant storm that kept on going
Giant tides on giant stars
Fire and ice in the sky
A footstool for the hunter
Snow clouds on a hot world?
Looking for the surface of the Sun
The long trip before the journey begins
Powering up the Sun
Stretching out the December sunset
Bright accents for a night of skywatching
Jupiter proves its superiority
Earth casts a feeble shadow on the Moon
Wandering through the night sky
A star that’s more than meets the eye
A skywatching triple feature
Mars hangs out in the evening sky
Diving into a natural wonder
Taking a peek at the Moon’s backside
Cloudy skies on a giant planet
Two summer stalwarts disappear
A trail of lights from a messy comet
Brightening up the Moon
A planet that’s a gravitational powerhouse
Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon
Moonlight on an autumn night
Drying out a wet planet
The stars foretell the weather
Miscounting the months
A traffic jam in the evening sky
Some interesting sunrises and sunsets
A close encounter in the dawn sky
A new visitor and an old myth
Admiring the twilight on another world
The Moon slips past the scorpion’s claws
Listening in to the Red Planet
Peering into a small planet’s big heart
Lining up the summer solstice
Outshining the Sun — sort of
New secrets from old moonrocks
New discoveries from old rocks
Getting a better bead on the Sun
A last-in-a-lifetime event
Measuring out a solar-system ruler
Taking a “bite” out of the Moon
Lining up with Earth and the Sun
Dark ice at the Moon’s poles
The sparkling eyes of the llama
A beautiful scientific coincidence
Piecing together a celestial snake
Outlining the celestial lion
A stellar weight-loss plan
Unlocking the secrets of the Red Planet
Leaping into the modern calendar
Passing through a ring of stars
Studying pieces of other worlds
A close but far-away planet
Watching some stellar infants
Getting dumped on by a neighbor
A big but meager monster
Stirring up two stellar companions
"Flashy" sisters in the evening sky...
Spinning up a Saturnian day
Springing into a beautiful month
Naming ancient volcanic basins
Searching for an elusive moon
Shining through the moonlight
Lining up a pair of stellar light bulbs
Disappearing in the sunlight
A blazing-hot weather forecast
Painting stripes on a giant planet
Giving the Moon a big whack
Counting up the days of February
Stormy skies from top to bottom
Swirling across a drab surface
Entering the lunar twilight zone
Diving into a famous lunar "sea"...
Tracking a brilliant planet
Soaking up some extra sunlight
The tale of the Moon's tail...
Looking at a star in a whole new light
Diving into a "wet" lunar surface...
The Moon and a crowded star system
Stoking the fires of the Sun
Marking the start -- or middle -- of winter
The full Moon goes dark
The meteoric fate of a meteor parent
Diving into longer days
The blazing "morning star"...
Enjoying an astronomical light show
Hunting astronomical ghosts
The "evening star" gets ready to exit...
A showy planet loses a stripe
A busy year for a giant world

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