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Grades 3-5 (Ages 8-10)



Radio Programs

The worlds of the solar system
A big moon takes a beating
Lighting up the waning Moon — after this.
A grand view for a new year
Lighting up the night
Rudolph gets the night off
A new view of a distant world
Bright companions for the Moon
A frozen treat on the Red Planet
Haunting stars in the evening sky
Marking time with the Hunter’s Moon
Keeping an eye out for trouble
A close call in the morning sky
A good showing for “George’s Star”
A dark planet in the dawn sky
Filling up a Martian crater
A great weekend for skywatching
Bright lights in the dawn sky
Different views of the night sky
Bringing telescopes to the masses
Ancient Mars cools off
Looking straight up
Ready for the first day of class
Prominent neighbors in the dawn sky
Cranking up the winds on a distant planet
Neptune in the sky with diamonds
A piece of Mars falls from the sky
Showering Earth with iron raindrops
Pointing out a neglected giant
Modern folklore about the night sky
Shining a new light on the universe
Dreaming up a laser beam
Getting ready to change addresses
A famous but poorly understood world
Fireworks in the evening sky
Identifying two evening skylights
A short night of moonwatching
A pair of trios in the evening sky
Bright planets in the evening sky
Scientist, writer, contrarian
Unlocking the secrets of the stars
Plunging into a hidden ocean
Wild seasons on the Red Planet
Filling up Earth’s oceans
A massive ocean on the planet Mars
Bright lights in the evening sky
Optical illusions in the night sky
Fighting over a rock from space
Creeping up on a bright star
Measuring a planetary day
Picking up some unusual rocks
Measuring the age of the solar system
Rare treasures from beyond Earth
Dipping into a giant hot tub
Passing through a bright triangle
Warming up a cold planet
Adding color to a giant planet
A double double in the evening sky
Splitting the night sky in half
Asteroids take aim at Mars
Pointing the way to a little planet
An astronomer who saw double
Bright lights in the early evening
Flickering images of a famous world
Mars gets close to the Sun
A holdover from summer skies
The Moon takes aim at a faint giant
Rare birds in southern skies
Jet lag after a long trip
A dark and lonely night in the dome
The planet Mars runs in place
An icy relic takes aim at Mars
Lining up a giant oddball
Explaining bands of nothing
Probing Mars’s escaping atmosphere
The heat of a twisted moon
Solving the mystery of a demon star
A new wave of explorers at Mars
Supervolcanoes on the Red Planet
A silver archway across the evening sky
Lining up a blue-green giant
A bright show in the dawn sky
A new season for the Red Planet
The case of the disappearing red spot
Getting the red out of Jupiter’s “eye”
Staring into the eye of Jupiter
Aligning two celestial headlights
Scanning the “barcode” of the Sun
Coloring the Martian sky
Pointing the way to two asteroids
A close but wide-spread trio
Watching the twilight fade away
Probing matter between the stars
Bright stars shine through the moonlight
Telling tales of space rocks
A planetary deepfreeze
Ghostly apparitions in the evening sky
A parade of planets in the evening sky
Shrink-wrapping a small planet
Zipping past a distant giant
Big geysers on big moons
Seeing through the moonlight
Gazing away from the Milky Way
The hazards of living on Mars
Snuggling fairly close to Mars
Bright stars packed around the Moon
Getting close to bright Mars
Seeing orange on a nearby planet
A relic of a bygone era on Mars
The condor stretches its galactic wings
An irritating planet in the dawn twilight
From exploding bombs to exploding stars
Quartering the Moon
The wrinkled skin of a small planet
Lining up some early morning planets
Taking a trip to Mars
Bright planets in the dawn sky
Boxing in the gibbous Moon
Protecting Earth from space rocks
Looking for the parent of a meteor shower
Celebrating with the stars
Tuning in to the stars
Filling the night with moonlight
A refugee from the planet Krypton
Feeding a meteor shower
Classifying the stars
A rare astronomical opportunity
Pioneering at 25 cents an hour
Distant companions for the Red Planet
The disappearing Martian air
Ice, rocks, and other worlds
A crane strides across the southern sky
An attack from Mars
A comfortable planetary neighbor
The back ends of two constellations
Peeking through the moonlight
Digging into Mars’s frozen past
Streaking down Martian slopes
Looking for Mars on Earth
Pondering some “giant” mysteries
Warming up a Martian hemisphere
Harvesting some extra moonlight
Taking a sneak peek at winter
Taking a spin on a merry-go-round
The Moon and a bright triangle
An adventure traveler’s idea of heaven
Pioneering a new way to see the universe
Asteroids with small companions
Probing deep into a planet’s atmosphere
A double feature in the night sky
Starry vessels in the midnight sky
The Moon and a horde of planets
The Moon and a lineup of planets
A fairy tale in the evening sky
Bookending morning and evening skies
Following the path of the Sun
Sneaking into astronomical history
A test for dark night skies
Snapping pictures of the night sky
Highlights of the evening sky
Cold pockets on a hot planet
Stirring up some epsom salts
Celestial theater in the evening sky
A small but vast astronomical gap
Lining up some bright moonlight
Mapping southern skies
A bright trio in the evening sky
A new strike at Sutter’s Mill
A special day for astronomy
A helpful device for seeing the world
The Moon slides across the sky
A California town gets a visitor
Jupiter’s large adopted family
A large, close-knit planetary family
A visit from a reticent planet
A very close encounter
Painting our way out of a jam
A target in a cosmic shooting gallery
A “grand” view of the night sky
Bracketing the Winter Circle
Keeping an eye on a troublemaker
Lighting up the holiday sky
Lighting up the long night
Lighting up the Christmas-night sky
Bright lights for Christmas Eve
Visitors from other worlds
A chilly Moon for a chilly time of year
Splitting the sky in half
A startling messenger from Mars
Bowling over a giant planet
Overlooking a giant planet
The wonders of a moonless night
A “colorful” astronomical rarity
Colorful rivals in the evening sky
Piecing together the story of an asteroid
A witness to the dawn of the solar system
Risking life and limb for a solar eclipse
The perfect spot for the Moon
A bright but rapidly closing triangle
Two bright stars for the price of one
A rain of stones from beyond Earth
Bright delights in the summer sky
A sky show that’s worth getting up for
A gathering of astronomical superstars
The bright stars of the “ox boy”
Slipping away from the Sun
Following the path of the Sun
An encore performance in the dawn sky
Swinging into the morning sky
Taking note of a new planet
A hubbub over celestial geometry
Parsing the changes of the Moon
Sliding past the Moon and headed for the Sun
Cycling through centuries of eclipses
Ticking off the hours until a solar eclipse
Lighting up the “evening star”
Ready for a stellar vanishing act
Resetting the clocks on Venus
A giant planet’s disappearing heart
Teasing out a view of Mercury
Dabs of color in the night sky
Different pinpoints of light
The evening star and the littler dipper
Stirring up cold fronts on Mars
The good old summertime
A brilliant lineup in the evening sky
Alien visitors from other galaxies
A dark discovery for a giant planet
A double treat in the evening sky
A bold alignment in the night sky
Rethinking the birth of a planet
The Moon and two stellar families
An impressive display in the evening sky
Getting back in the Space Race
Zipping past a giant planet
Stirring up the starry night sky
Biting into a bright constellation
Cutting off a slice of the sky
Scaling the heights of Mars
Watery oases on a desert world
Staring into the face of the bull
Bringing the calendar to heel
A celestial greeting for the new year
Holding together a stellar cross
An extra reindeer for Santa’s sleigh
A modern celebration with old customs
Racing for the south pole
The charioteer’s double-jointed shoulder
Fire and water in the night sky
Rare birds in southern skies
The return of an astronomical beauty
Spacing out a morning lineup
Close neighbors in the evening sky
Warming up a giant planet
Powering up a distant aurora
Stepping back in time
The return of the “evening star”
Strolling on alien worlds
Painting a bullseye on a moon
Diving into an icy planet
Recycling on a giant scale
Twin moons under alien skies
Looking at the Sun’s bright future
Reflections on an icy moon
An ancient god and the modern calendar
Splitting up a faint constellation
Balancing the Harvest Moon
An early morning duo
Watching the dark side of the Moon
A confusing planet in the morning sky
A powerful early-season storm
Pulverizing a Neptunian moon
Drowning out a fading shower
A star that's redder than red...
Looking into the heart of a giant
Greening up the Red Planet
Shielding a new constellation
The solar system's 800-pound gorilla...
Changing concepts of a giant world
Stars and planets move apart
One year away from a rare event
Following the leader in the evening sky
Cutting through the static
A traffic jam in the dawn sky
Divining for water on Mars
Half a Moon equals a quarter
Watching for invaders from beyond
Big and small in the evening sky
A "calculated" planetary discovery...
Grand names for a grand planet
Nighttime objects in the daytime sky
A stellar family spreads out
Looking forward to the Big Handivac
Skies as different from ours as night and day
The "leading" star of the Big Dipper...
A delayed trip to the Moon
Ticking off the hours of the night
Filling in some gaps in the sky
A deceptive morning duo
The stars turn across the night sky
Preventing alien contamination
Tracers of a bygone constellation
Two giants passing in the night
The dawn of a new year
Holiday lights in the night sky
Lining up a lot of moonlight
Searching the "vulcanoid zone"...
Chasing an elusive planet
Picking up bits of an asteroid
Hunting targets for future explorers
One night, two sky shows
A planet returns to its beginnings
Hunting up some extra moonlight
Cruising toward the stars
Painting the evening sky
Standing between a pair of rivals
A beautiful astronomical coincidence
Tracking an elusive planet
A beautiful but lopsided kite
Looking for life in all the right places
The ultimate planetary protection
Getting a push from day and night
Worlds that aren't clingy...
Heating up a planet's atmosphere...
Shining light on a planet's cool interior...
Changing seasons on a giant planet

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