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The study of the birth, evolution, and fate of the universe.

Radio Programs

Early Birth Giving birth to dark matter March 4, 2020

Cosmic Strings Stringing along the universe September 17, 2019

Subatomic Astronomy Going small to study the universe January 31, 2019

Young Giants Churning out massive stars December 11, 2018

Early Light Looking for “fog” in the early universe December 15, 2017

Seeing Deep Looking deep into the early universe November 21, 2017

Dark Skies Why the night sky is dark January 6, 2017

More Reionization An early light in the young universe November 4, 2016

Reionization Giving the universe a charge November 3, 2016

WFIRST Unwrapping a Christmas present March 17, 2016

James Webb Telescope Looking for the first galaxies March 16, 2016

Arrow of Time Going forward in time February 16, 2016

Featured Images

This diagram depicts the 13.8-billion-year history of the universe

Zero to 13.8 Billion March 14, 2018

A graphical history of the universe

End of the Dark Ages November 3, 2016

COBE view of the cosmic microwave background

Afterglow November 18, 2014

Simulation of the early universe

Tangled Web May 10, 2014

The Standard Model

Building Blocks June 27, 2013

Portion of Hubble Extreme Deep Field

Extreme Astronomy September 25, 2012

Cosmic Inflation

A Big Push June 15, 2011