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Configurations, Conjunctions and Oppositions


Radio Programs

Moon and the Twins Shifting appointments with the stars May 23, 2023

Orange Trio A great week for watching Mars December 5, 2022

Neptune at Opposition II Running circles around Neptune September 15, 2022

Saturn at Opposition Lining up a planetary show August 9, 2022

Summer Solstice Heading into summer’s “oven” June 20, 2022

Moon and Planets Adding up the missions to other worlds February 26, 2022

Jupiter and Saturn Giant planets snuggle up December 1, 2020

Mars Stands Still The Red Planet comes to a halt November 14, 2020

Close Mars Mars gets really close October 5, 2020

Jupiter at Opposition The giant influence of a giant planet July 12, 2020

Uranus at Opposition Lining up a sideways giant October 28, 2019

Disappearing Acts Slipping behind the Sun September 2, 2019

Venus on the Move The planet Venus on the move August 13, 2019

Saturn II Getting to know Saturn’s rings July 8, 2019

More Saturn at Opposition A planet “opposes” the Sun June 27, 2018

Saturn at Opposition Racing past three bright planets June 24, 2018

Moon and Jupiter Giant Jupiter fades a bit June 23, 2018

Moon and Venus Beautiful encounters with the Moon June 19, 2017

Moon and Saturn Lining up a bright planet June 9, 2017

Moving Day Moving day for the “evening star” March 24, 2017

Featured Images

View of Jupiter's southern hemisphere from June, February 2019

Artistic Giant June 9, 2019