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Chinese Space Program

Featured Images

First view from China's rover

Ready to Rove May 21, 2021

Chang'e 5 ascent module approaches the Earth-return vehicle in lunar orbit

Homeward Bound December 10, 2020

Chinese lunar explorers

Lunar Explorers October 6, 2020

LRO view of Chang'e-4 and Yutu

On the Moon November 13, 2019

Yutu, a small rover, rolls away from Chang'e 4

Far Away January 4, 2019

Radio Programs

Arrival at Mars A three-in-one mission to Mars February 10, 2021

Moon and Aldebaran Bringing back pieces of the Moon October 6, 2020

Heading for Mars IV Busy times for the planet Mars July 17, 2020

Moon Goddesses Chinese goddesses at the Moon December 1, 2018

Moon and Planets Talking to other worlds May 3, 2018