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Chemistry of the Universe


Aries, the ram

Aries, the Ram October 4, 2011

Radio Programs

Marie Curie One scientist, two prizes November 7, 2017

Making Gold Making gold in the oddest of places November 6, 2017

Moon and Aldebaran A stellar chemical factory November 5, 2017

Beryllium A key element in fact and fantasy July 25, 2017

Oxygen Breathing a creation of the stars July 24, 2017

Gienah Stirring up a star’s ingredients April 16, 2017

Planetary Gems Garnets and rubies and sapphires, Oh, my! April 12, 2017

Growth Spurt A growth spurt in a distant galaxy March 27, 2017

Making Elements IV Violent alchemy in the stars March 9, 2017

Making Elements III Heavy stars make heavy elements March 8, 2017

Making Elements II Making elements in the hearts of stars March 7, 2017

Making Elements Brewing up a universe of elements March 6, 2017

Exoplanets V Looking for signs of life September 16, 2016

New Helium A common but hard-to-find element September 10, 2016

Explosive Debris Heavy “rains” from exploding stars August 22, 2016

Hydrogen Discovering 'inflammable air'... May 28, 2016

Making Fluorine A stellar cavity fighter May 2, 2016

First Stars II Brilliant clusters in the early universe July 16, 2015

The First Stars Whipping up the first stars July 15, 2015

Stellar Metals A difference between young and old stars July 14, 2015

More Fred Hoyle Scientist, writer, contrarian June 24, 2015

Fred Hoyle Unlocking the secrets of the stars June 23, 2015

Methane Powering the search for life June 21, 2015

M92 An ancient family of stars May 12, 2015

Meteorites II Measuring the age of the solar system April 17, 2015

Beryllium A key element in fact and fantasy March 31, 2015

Iron Ironing out a heavy element February 4, 2015

Moon and Jupiter “Warping” the heart of a planet February 1, 2015

Big Bang Starting a universe with a bang November 18, 2014

Local Bubble Clearing out interstellar space October 28, 2014

Oxygen Breathing a creation of the stars June 18, 2014

Galactic Archaeology Digging into the history of the galaxy March 23, 2014

Making Nitrogen Breathing the “ash” of dead stars February 16, 2014

Golden Mergers Mining gold from a black hole December 22, 2013

Distant Cloud A remnant of the Big Bang November 2, 2013

Carbon Monoxide Tracing the birth of stars October 16, 2013

Rare Elements Creating elements between the stars August 12, 2013

Solar Twins II Hunting for worlds like Earth June 1, 2013

Vela A giant cloud of stellar debris April 3, 2013

Moon and Antares Evidence of ancient chemical factories March 29, 2013

Crimson Star An aging but colorful star February 2, 2013

Bigger Diamonds Real astronomical “sparklers” January 10, 2013

Moon and Antares Building a stellar onion January 6, 2013

Star Populations Segregating the stars of the Milky Way December 2, 2012

Deuterium Drinking up the Big Bang November 23, 2012

Sweet Discovery A “sweet” discovery at a distant star November 13, 2012

More Moon and Antares A stellar recycling project September 20, 2012

M11 A flock of young stars August 8, 2012

Hercules Cluster A crowded “city” of stars May 22, 2012

White Dwarfs III Dead planets around dead stars? February 2, 2012

AP Columbae A nearby stellar youngster January 13, 2012

Featured Images

Structure of a massive star shortly before it explodes as a supernova

Stellar Onion March 9, 2017

Universal Chemistry March 6, 2017

Hot Dust January 7, 2014

Gold may have been created in the mergers of neutron stars

Golden Mergers December 23, 2013

Multispectral view of giant star-forming regions at the center of the Milky Way

Molecule Factory November 13, 2012

A thick torus of dust encircles a quasar

Water Works September 13, 2011

A multi-spectral view of a supernova remnant in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Life from Death September 17, 2010

A hot, massive star 'exhales' a breath of oxygen in this recent image from WISE.

Breath of Life June 22, 2010

A Dose of Magnesium January 20, 2010