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Cepheus, the King

A northern constellation that is best viewed in the evening sky during autumn.

Radio Programs

VV Cephei A big, messy star system October 3, 2020

Delta Cephei Measuring a stellar mile-marker December 18, 2019

VW Cephei Two stars in a tight embrace May 19, 2018

Alderamin Lining up a future North Star September 19, 2017

VV Cephei A “kingly” star in the northern sky October 26, 2016

Future North Star Lining up a future north star July 27, 2016

Featured Images

Sun vs. VV Cephei

Home of the Whopper October 26, 2016

Artist's concept of the Gamma Cephei star system

Stellar Geometry September 4, 2012

A "family" of young stars shows off in this combined infrared and X-ray view of

Big Family May 14, 2010