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Capricornus, the Sea-Goat

A constellation of the zodiac.


Radio Programs

Capricornus The weird and wonderful sea-goat October 13, 2017

Moon and Capricornus Getting a grip on the sea-goat December 3, 2016

Dabih A dizzying system of stars September 22, 2015

On the Move The Sun circles through the zodiac September 5, 2015

Capricornus Bright non-companions in the sea-goat September 4, 2015

Dabih Covering up a passel of stars September 4, 2014

Tail Stars The back ends of two constellations October 22, 2013

Watery Skies Casting off into the Celestial Sea October 21, 2013

Deneb Algedi Deciphering the tale of an aging star October 13, 2012

Bringing Up the Rear The tale of some starry tails October 12, 2012

Capricornus The edge of the celestial sea October 11, 2012

Featured Images

The Moon occults Dabih, a star in Capricornus

Celestial Cover-Up September 5, 2014