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Canis Major, the Greater Dog

A constellation containing the brightest star in the entire night sky, brilliant Sirius


Radio Programs

Caroline’s Cluster A surprising star cluster January 14, 2016

Aludra The showiest “dog” star of all January 13, 2016

The Dog’s Tail The big dog wags its tail — after this. January 12, 2016

Bright Paw The big dog’s brilliant paw February 12, 2015

Adhara A different view of a hot star January 29, 2014

Wezen Dumping chemicals into space January 28, 2014

Mirzam Revving up a celestial dog January 27, 2014

Adhara Another impressive “dog” star March 1, 2013

The Big Dog Biting into a bright constellation January 28, 2012

Featured Images

Superflare on one of the stars of DG Canum Venaticorum

Tiny Star, Big Outburst December 3, 2014