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Star Colors and Temperatures


Radio Programs

Jacking up a star’s brightness — after this.
Looking at the future of the Sun
Bright lights in the dawn sky
Filling the space between stars
Reinvigorating some old stars
The cool glow of a bright star
Seeing red from a dying star
A case of stellar WYSIWYG
Coloring in two bright pinpoints
A star with a bright profile
A star that’s changing colors
A vision in blue in the unicorn
Classifying the stars
A pair of yellow supergiants
An effective type of sun block
Pointing out a celestial letter
A colorful stellar duo
Adding some color to a bright star
A star exposes its inner workings
A hot-but-cool stellar supergiant
An aging but colorful star
Younger but “older” than the Sun
A star that’s more than meets the eye
Colorful companions for the Moon
Flirting with the stars
The Moon slips past the scorpion’s claws
Dabs of color in the night sky
Adding some color to the stars
Getting the stars organized
A star that's redder than red...
Coloring the night sky
Lining up a colorful duo
Lining up a pair of stellar light bulbs
The messengers of the stars
Painting the colors of failed stars
Keeping an eye on a giant star
Taking the measure of a bright star
Rounding up a regal star
Standing between a pair of rivals
Evening up a celestial rivalry
Skies full of old stars
Stars that can't stand the heat...
Heading for the top of the hunter
The lion's impressive tail...
Pointing the way to the compass
Feeling the warmth of a giant star
Rejuvenation in an old star cluster
Heating up a giant star
Orion's strong right shoulder...

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