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Nuclear Fusion



Radio Programs

Stirring up a stellar bubble
Particles from the heart of the Sun
A young star ages in a hurry
Whipping up the first stars
Igniting the core of a star
Unlocking the secrets of the stars
A middle-aged star with a difference
The Sun gets a lot brighter
The Sun shines on and on and on
Ironing out a heavy element
Making carbon and oxygen in a star
The above-average stars of the Great Square
A stellar outcast in the Big Dipper
Changing a delicate balancing act
Breathing a creation of the stars
Breathing the “ash” of dead stars
The power source of the stars
Dumping chemicals into space
Heating up a giant planet
A pair of bright, “puffy” stars
The beginning of the end
Adding some color to a bright star
A star exposes its inner workings
The un-steady beat of the North Star
Building a stellar onion
The long trip before the journey begins
Powering up the Sun
Aging stars in the triangle
Outshining the Sun — sort of
A quick exit for a “heavy” star
Making a bottleful of starstuff
Blasting a giant star to bits
Squeezing the heart of a dead star
A superstar among supergiants
A young but aging star
Forging the element of life
A young-but-old star
Shining through the moonlight
Forging elements in a stellar factory
Stoking the fires of the Sun
A star with a bright but short future
A star that's changing in a hurry...
The long beginning of a long journey
Getting a handle on the Big Dipper
Stars that can't stand the heat...
Pointing the way to the compass
The Moon and the lion's "regal"...
Impressive stars for the unicorn
Heavy metal the slow way
Ready for a dose of magnesium
A "heavy" discovery from a faint star...

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