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Big Bang

A theoretical model of the “birth” of the observable universe, which suggests that the universe began as a rapid expansion of space and time from a single point, or singularity.

Radio Programs

Seeing Deep Looking deep into the early universe November 21, 2017

Making Gold Making gold in the oddest of places November 6, 2017

Matter vs. Antimatter The matter of antimatter May 16, 2017

Making Elements Brewing up a universe of elements March 6, 2017

Dark Skies Why the night sky is dark January 6, 2017

More Reionization An early light in the young universe November 4, 2016

Reionization Giving the universe a charge November 3, 2016

More Hydrogen The most abundant element in the universe May 29, 2016

More Cosmic Background Taking the universe’s temperature October 1, 2015

Cosmic Background The crackle of the Big Bang September 30, 2015

More Fred Hoyle Scientist, writer, contrarian June 24, 2015

Back to Work A giant experiment goes back to work March 5, 2015

Big Bang Starting a universe with a bang November 18, 2014

COBE Deciphering the static of the early universe November 17, 2014

Distant Cloud A remnant of the Big Bang November 2, 2013

Setting a Date Zeroing in on the Big Bang May 12, 2013

Small Black Holes Looking for tiny black holes February 24, 2013

Deuterium Drinking up the Big Bang November 23, 2012

Hercules Cluster A crowded “city” of stars May 22, 2012

Primordial Clouds Relics of the birth of the universe May 12, 2012

Featured Images

A graphical history of the universe

End of the Dark Ages November 3, 2016

COBE view of the cosmic microwave background

Afterglow November 18, 2014

The Planck space telescope and its view of the cosmic microwave background

Going Dark October 24, 2013

Cosmic Inflation

A Big Push June 15, 2011

The Milky Way galaxy and the afterglow of the Big Bang make up this all-sky imag

A Little of Everything July 6, 2010