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Radio Programs

To the Future! Traveling into the future February 18, 2016

Back in Time You just can’t go back February 17, 2016

R Sculptoris Stirring up a stellar bubble December 11, 2015

Beta Monocerotis A brilliant set of triplets February 9, 2015

Catching Neutrinos Tiny particles that change flavors January 27, 2015

Cold Dark Matter Getting cold to catch dark matter January 26, 2015

Soudan Laboratory Digging deep for dark matter January 25, 2015

Moon and Aldebaran Making carbon and oxygen in a star November 6, 2014

WIMP-y Glow Bright evidence of dark matter July 29, 2014

Companionship Looking for stellar companions May 28, 2014

Rasalhague A preview of coming attractions May 16, 2014

Making Nitrogen Breathing the “ash” of dead stars February 16, 2014

Z Machine II The power source of the stars February 3, 2014

Z Machine Firing the world’s biggest X-ray machine February 2, 2014

Dark Detections Looking for particles that don’t wimp out August 6, 2013

Dark Experiments Looking for the unseeable August 5, 2013

Dark Universe Adding up the universe August 4, 2013

Unifying the Universe A theory of everything June 27, 2013

The Standard Model A theory of almost everything June 26, 2013

Anti-Discovery The possible signature of dark matter June 25, 2013

Muons II Probing the past with particles from space April 29, 2013

Muons Zapped by a supernova April 28, 2013

Dark Energy Camera Some impressive astronomical snapshots March 13, 2013

Nowhere to Hide Hiding in plain sight January 30, 2013

Bright Black Hole Brightness from the ultimate darkness January 29, 2013

VERITAS Sparks from extreme cosmic environments November 8, 2012

Namibian Astronomy II Strange eyes on the gamma-ray sky November 7, 2012

Triangulum Aging stars in the triangle November 2, 2012

Tiny Black Hole A record-setting black hole October 25, 2012

Star Destroyer A star loses a life-and-death struggle October 24, 2012

Gravitational Kick A black hole gets a big kick October 23, 2012

Dark Portrait Snapping a picture of the unseeable October 8, 2012

Centaurus A A galaxy with a loud voice April 28, 2012

Star in a Bottle Making a bottleful of starstuff April 12, 2012

Cosmic Clocks The ticking of cosmic clocks April 11, 2012

Little Dwarfs The smallest white-dwarf stars April 9, 2012

Balloon Ride Taking a balloon ride for science April 6, 2012

Mars Mayhem Mars marches across March skies February 29, 2012

Leo Rising Adding some color to the stars February 26, 2012

Winter Milky Way II Enlivening the galactic suburbs February 15, 2012

Moon and Antares Outshined by a flashy sibling February 13, 2012

Geminga Giving birth to a “dead” star February 11, 2012

Venus and Uranus A chance to see a distant giant February 7, 2012

Planetary Flashes Lighting up the clouds of Venus February 6, 2012

Record Breaker An unprecedented sphere of darkness February 5, 2012

White Dwarfs III Dead planets around dead stars? February 2, 2012

White Dwarfs II Stretching the light of a dead star February 1, 2012

White Dwarfs Squeezing the heart of a dead star January 31, 2012

Sirius B A close companion for a bright star January 30, 2012

Sirius A close, bright stellar neighbor January 29, 2012

The Little Dog One dog leads another into the sky January 27, 2012

Gravitational Waves V The “wavy” birth of a black hole January 26, 2012

Gravitational Waves IV Silencing the rumbling Earth January 25, 2012

Gravitational Waves III Lighting up ripples in spacetime January 24, 2012

Gravitational Waves II Tiny ripples from heavy objects January 23, 2012

Gravitational Waves Rippling across the universe January 22, 2012

IC 342 A close but veiled cosmic pinwheel January 21, 2012

Space Rocks Rocks from beyond Earth January 17, 2012

Moon and Companions Reflections on a quarter Moon January 14, 2012

AP Columbae A nearby stellar youngster January 13, 2012

Stormy Skies A giant storm on a failed star January 10, 2012

Wet Universe Sprinkling water throughout the cosmos January 9, 2012

Watery Earth Raining on the young planet Earth January 8, 2012

Pulsar Planets Planets around a dead star January 7, 2012

Pulsars The steady beat of dead stars January 6, 2012

Crab Nebula The “crabby” remains of an exploded star January 5, 2012

Quadrantid Meteors The children of a celestial break-up January 2, 2012

Lunar Arrival An unusual way to greet the new year December 29, 2011

Planetary Bombardment Possible planets take a pounding December 28, 2011

Sparkly Rings Bright rings for a distant planet December 27, 2011

More Moon and Venus Changing the face of the Moon December 26, 2011

December Solstice A pale light in the daytime sky December 20, 2011

Horsehead Nebula Drifting along with an interstellar cloud December 19, 2011

More Moon and Companions An exciting future for a pair of stars December 18, 2011

Moon and Companions Lining up some bright companions December 17, 2011

Rock Hunting Scouring the ice for space rocks December 12, 2011

Cosmic Nobel Discovering a mysterious cosmic energy December 10, 2011

Dark Discovery Big rewards for a “dark” discovery December 9, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Lining up a lunar eclipse December 8, 2011

Moon and Pleiades A big, bright stellar family December 7, 2011

Far-Out Earths Warming up some far-out Earths December 6, 2011

Betelgeuse II Looking for the “edge” of a giant star December 1, 2011

Betelgeuse A superstar among supergiants November 30, 2011

Beta Pegasi Taking a look into the future November 29, 2011

Rarae Aves II Dancing with the firebird November 28, 2011

Moon and Venus A skin-deep planetary beauty November 25, 2011

Solar Eclipse Darkening sun-lit southern skies November 24, 2011

Mars Science Laboratory III Protecting Mars from alien invaders November 23, 2011

Mars Science Laboratory I Plumbing for water on Mars November 21, 2011

Mikhail Lomonosov The man who discovered an atmosphere November 18, 2011

Interstellar Skies Looking for clear interstellar skies November 14, 2011

Near the Edge Nearing the edge of the solar system November 13, 2011

Saturn Nebula A pair of “Saturns” in the night sky November 12, 2011

Moon and Aldebaran New tools for digging into lunar history November 11, 2011

Another Encounter Keeping tabs on a rocky visitor November 6, 2011

Cassini at Enceladus Streaking past a solar-system treasure November 4, 2011

Phobos-Grunt DNA testing for a Martian moon November 3, 2011

Back in the Game? Staging a return to deep space November 2, 2011

Saturn and Spica Eyeballing some changes in the sky October 29, 2011

Galileo at Gaspra A first encounter with a space rock October 28, 2011

Hottest Planet A world that’s hotter than Texas October 25, 2011

Changing Time Just passing the time October 17, 2011

NEEMO Diving toward an asteroid October 16, 2011

Another Close Call A close visit by an asteroid October 15, 2011

Cartwheel Galaxy Creating a brilliant ring of stars October 14, 2011

More Cassiopeia A Flowing through a neutron star October 5, 2011

Cassiopeia A Muffling the death throes of a star October 4, 2011

Rho Cassiopeia Practicing for a big blast October 3, 2011

Robert Trumpler Filling the space between the stars October 1, 2011

Planning Ahead Planning for a trip to the stars September 30, 2011

Milky Way’s Heart V Youngsters at the heart of the Milky Way September 29, 2011

Milky Way’s Heart IV The flashy heart of the Milky Way September 28, 2011

Milky Way’s Heart III Confirming the dark heart of the Milky Way September 27, 2011

Milky Way’s Heart II A sky-spanning marquee of stars September 26, 2011

Milky Way’s Heart Taking a peek at a busy downtown September 25, 2011

Calendars Following the cycles of the sky September 22, 2011

Thomas Wright Giving birth to a galaxy September 20, 2011

Too Close Getting too close to a black hole September 19, 2011

ARTEMIS Teaching old spacecraft new tricks September 18, 2011

M2 An ancient family of stars September 16, 2011

Stellar Chemistry Forging the chemistry of life September 12, 2011

Early Start Getting an astronomical head start September 11, 2011

Lake Tides Small waves on big ponds September 9, 2011

Border Star A star with a double identity September 8, 2011

Lumpy Moon Measuring the Moon’s “lumpiness” September 5, 2011

Sagitta Arrowing into the autumn season September 3, 2011

Moon and Antares Kicking the Moon in the name of science September 2, 2011

Evening Lineup II A pair of “pointy” stars August 31, 2011

Scorpius Nova A bright stellar merger August 28, 2011

M7 A bright but distant star cluster August 27, 2011

Triton A frigid moon like no other August 22, 2011

More Moon and Jupiter Jumpin' Jupiter!... August 19, 2011

Astronomical Artworks Preserving scientific works of art August 16, 2011

V404 Cygni A dark star system that puts on a show August 13, 2011

61 Cygni Possible homes for neighbors August 12, 2011

Cygnus-X A bright, busy stellar neighborhood August 10, 2011

More Deneb Too many targets, not enough time August 9, 2011

Deneb Nagging questions about a giant star August 8, 2011

Cygnus The impressive heart of the swan August 7, 2011

Weather Forecasts Expanding the daily weather forecast August 5, 2011

Space Weather Nasty weather from beyond Earth August 4, 2011

Moon and Companions Living under brilliant suns August 3, 2011

Rock Hounds Cleaning up some desert rocks July 27, 2011

Star Travels A fanciful design for a starship July 23, 2011

Neutrinos Hunting for hard-to-find particles July 19, 2011

Smith's Cloud A future stellar nursery July 16, 2011

Van Biesbroeck's Star Hunting up a faint cosmic bulb July 15, 2011

Dawn at Vesta Studying the dawn of the solar system July 12, 2011

Mars and Aldebaran Coloring the night sky July 11, 2011

Moon and Antares Giving birth to a big family of stars July 10, 2011

Delta Lyrae Lining up a colorful duo July 9, 2011

John A. Wheeler A new name for invisible stars July 8, 2011

Moon and Spica A tiny measurement of a big distance July 7, 2011

Moon and Saturn A two-toned walnut of a moon July 6, 2011

Moon and Regulus Filtering out the starlight July 3, 2011

Brightest X-Ray Burst The brilliant death of a distant star June 19, 2011

Cosmic Inflation Giving the universe a big push June 14, 2011

New Dwarfs New neighbors in the outer solar system June 10, 2011

Transit of 1761, Part IV A ring of fire around a planet June 8, 2011

Transit of 1761, Part III Ducking cannonfire in the name of science June 7, 2011

Gliese 179 An unexpectedly big planet May 25, 2011

Red Dwarf Planets Looking for close planets around close stars May 23, 2011

Red Dwarfs Shining some light on feeble stars May 22, 2011

Algieba The lion's double forehead... May 20, 2011

Castor The twins and triplets of Gemini May 15, 2011

Pollux Forging the element of life May 14, 2011

Gamma Virginis A beautiful celestial double May 11, 2011

Clean Mirrors Keeping a clear view of the heavens May 10, 2011

Cor Caroli The strong heart of a king May 5, 2011

Alphecca Overpowering a bright star April 27, 2011

Featured Images

Simulation of the early universe

Tangled Web May 10, 2014

Hubble image of a galaxy cluster and the deduced location of its dark matter

Dark Universe August 5, 2013

The Standard Model

Building Blocks June 27, 2013

Pyramid of the Old Kingdom pharaoh Khafre and the Sphinx

Inside Job April 30, 2013

Artist's concept of the Milky Way galaxy and its dark matter halo

Illuminating the Darkness February 9, 2013

Combined optical and X-ray view of two possible black holes in the galaxy IC 342

On the Job January 8, 2013

Victor Hess prepares to ascend in a balloon to study cosmic rays, 1912

Radiation Hunter April 7, 2012

Hubble Space Telescope view of Cat's Eye Nebula, a planetary nebula

Blowing Bubbles March 13, 2012

The Moon passes by Mars and the star pattern of Leo, March 2012

Doubly Brilliant March 6, 2012

Newborn stars in the Orion Nebula

Bright Babies March 1, 2012

Orion, the hunter, including his faint shield

Shielding the Hunter February 17, 2012

The Carina Nebula, a massive stellar nursery

Star Factory February 13, 2012

New Heavyweight Champion February 6, 2012

Sirius B, the white-dwarf companion to Sirius, compared to the size of Earth

Stellar Afterlife February 1, 2012

Infrared view of the spiral galaxy IC 342

Tangled Galaxy January 22, 2012

Earth's atmosphere distorts the Moon as seen from the International Space Statio

Squashed Moon January 17, 2012

Artist's concept of a dark storm on the brown dwarf 2MASS 2139

Stormy Skies January 11, 2012

Artist's concept of the pulsar and planets in the system PSR B1257+12

Second-Chance Planets January 8, 2012

Saturn's moons Titan and Dione above Saturn, with Saturn's rings

Saturnian Traffic Jam December 26, 2011

Horsehead Nebula photographed through a McDonald Observatory telescope

3D Horsehead December 20, 2011

Galactic Swirl December 14, 2011

Plumes of gas spew into space from the roiling surface of Betelgeuse, the bright

Stellar Timebomb December 1, 2011

Artist's concept of Curiosity rover on Mars

Ready to Roll November 23, 2011

Optical and radio image of the Carina Nebula, a vast stellar nursery

Birthplace of the Stars November 17, 2011

The Saturn Nebula, NGC 7009, as seen by Hubble Space Telescope

Saturn Simulacrum November 13, 2011

The Russian Phobos-Grunt Mars mission launches on November 8, 2011

Phobos Flop? November 11, 2011

The glow of the aurora from the International Space Station

Heavenly Lightshow November 6, 2011

Galileo view of Gaspra, the first asteroid visited by a spacecraft

First Encounter October 29, 2011

An artist's concept of the darkest planet yet discovered

Dark World October 27, 2011

Cassini view of Saturn's moon Enceladus in front of the planet's rings

Saturnian Encounter October 25, 2011

Radio image of the Antenna galaxies

Boundless Starbirth October 5, 2011

Stars and gas swirl around the black hole at the center of the Milky Way

Swirling Center September 27, 2011

IC 2944, a stellar nursery in the constellation Centaurus

Seeing Red September 22, 2011

Artist's concept of global ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa

Water World September 16, 2011

A thick torus of dust encircles a quasar

Water Works September 13, 2011

2011 image of the Apollo 12 landing site, from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Still Standing September 9, 2011

Map of the Moon's gravitational field

Lunar Lumpiness September 6, 2011

The star cluster M7

Aging Family August 28, 2011

NGC 4438 and NGC 4435, galaxies in Virgo

Beautiful Eyes August 25, 2011

Space shuttle Atlantis approaches the International Space Station, July 2011

Final Approach July 13, 2011

Atlantis launches on the final space shuttle mission, July 8, 2011

Last Call July 8, 2011

NGC 3758, a system of two merging galaxies

Double Trouble June 11, 2011

X-ray view of the Carina Nebula, a stellar nursery 7,500 light-years from Earth

Star Factory May 26, 2011

M8, the Lagoon Nebula, is a vast stellar nurseary

Stellar Canvas May 6, 2011