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Kepler Mission


Radio Programs

The search for planets continues
Doomed planets around a dying star
A plenitude of exoplanets
Plan K2 from outer space
A space telescope does double duty
Super-Earths and mini-Neptunes
A space telescope piles up the planets
Earth-like planets by the millions
Cooling off a distant star
A world with four suns in the sky
Hunting for leftover planets
The beat of vibrating stars
A space telescope gets some extra jobs
Super explosions on other stars
Tiny planets around a tiny star
The spinning hearts of giant stars
Two ways to find planets
Winnowing a list of possible planets
Watching for some stars to blink
A star with a big family of planets
A basketful of planets
Keeping score in the search for planets
Adding to the planetary census
Looking for worlds with rainy days
Giant worlds everywhere you look
Compiling profiles of distant planets
Hunting hundreds of planets
Soaring toward new discoveries
Two planetary gas bags

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