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Astronomy in Popular Culture

Radio Programs

Monuments Monuments to famous astronomers August 27, 2021

Going Steady A “spooky” origin for a theory of the universe June 29, 2021

Tatooine-Plus Stars galore for a unique planet May 7, 2021

Fearsome Stone Making swords from “lightning” April 19, 2021

Moon and Mars A perfect arrival spot on Mars April 16, 2021

All Full Dreaming of a trip to the Moon March 3, 2021

Stonehenges A plethora of Stonehenges December 22, 2020

Frank Herbert The father of a famous planet October 8, 2020

Ray Bradbury A pioneering Mars explorer August 22, 2020

Special Days Celebrating accomplishments in space May 4, 2020

The Great Debate Debating the size of the universe April 24, 2020

Spring Equinox An egg-xacting test of balance March 19, 2020

Isaac Asimov Robots, galactic empires, and more January 2, 2020

Robert McCall Illustrating the Space Age December 23, 2019

Moon and Mars Designing for another world December 21, 2019

Fact and Fiction Exploring space in fact and fiction December 17, 2019

Friday the 13th The story behind an “unlucky” day December 13, 2019

Making Models Big models of the solar system November 26, 2019

Light Tourists Chasing beautiful nightlights November 25, 2019

Island Astronomy Dark skies off the coast of Africa August 16, 2019

Hermann Oberth From dreaming of rockets to building them June 25, 2019

Shadow Rings Special shadows at special times March 27, 2019

Evening Mercury A planet with an artistic flair February 27, 2019

Bad Homes Two stars that are bad homes for life February 1, 2019

Moon and Regulus Shaving parsecs off the Kessel run November 1, 2018

Moon and Regulus A popular star for big stories October 5, 2018

Arthur C. Clarke A man ahead of his time December 16, 2017

Lunar Migration Moving with the phases of the Moon November 13, 2017

Stellar Sailors Sailing by the stars October 31, 2017

Looking for Canals II Sensational reports from Mars August 4, 2017

Black Hole Reality The reality about black holes July 26, 2017

Moon and Saturn Snake-like creatures on the Moon July 6, 2017

Antimatter Getting antimatter from a banana May 15, 2017

Bellatrix A truly “bewitching” star November 26, 2016

H.G. Wells Creating an alien invasion September 21, 2016

Playoff Storm Silencing a four-run inning September 18, 2016

Exoplanets VI Extinct life and non-civilizations September 17, 2016

Pluto Stamps A stamp of approval for a space mission May 27, 2016

Calling Cards Calling cards from planet Earth May 26, 2016

Mercury Transit Dotting the face of the Sun May 6, 2016

New Names New names for a family of planets February 19, 2016

Back in Time You just can’t go back February 17, 2016

Featured Images

The damaged Arecibo Telescope

End of an Era November 20, 2020

Robert McCall works on a space mural

Illustrating the Space Age December 23, 2019

Proposed Mars habitat

Living on Mars December 21, 2019

1910 promotional illustration for comet pills

A Bill of Goods April 19, 2019

Reservation for a flight to the Moon

Ready to Ride December 25, 2018

H.G. Wells created the alien invasion genre

Invader! September 21, 2016

Long-Distance Mail May 27, 2016

Depiction of National Ignition Facility probing the interior of a giant planet

Into Darkness February 2, 2015