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Scientists who study the universe beyond Earth, from the planets and moons of the solar system to the birth and fate of the universe.


Radio Programs

Monuments Monuments to famous astronomers August 27, 2021

Moving West Moving west with a load of space rocks August 26, 2021

Going Steady A “spooky” origin for a theory of the universe June 29, 2021

Pioneering Telescopes More accomplishments for two pioneers June 21, 2021

Nicholas Bobrovnikoff A comet sparks a career in astronomy April 29, 2021

Puppis Clusters A busy season of discoveries April 2, 2021

Christine Kirch Getting paid to make calendars February 28, 2021

Desert Station Sun-watching from the desert December 26, 2020

Escape from Paris Escaping in the name of astronomy December 2, 2020

Murder Mystery An astronomical murder mystery November 15, 2020

Post-War Astronomy Preparing for post-war astronomy September 1, 2020

Witchery A rare problem for a famous astronomer August 7, 2020

Rescue! One scientist rescues another May 16, 2020

Father Hell Taking the measure of the solar system May 15, 2020

The Great Debate Debating the size of the universe April 24, 2020

Lewis Swift From merchant to cosmic celebrity February 28, 2020

Maria Kirch Giving credit where credit was due February 25, 2020

RAS Dreaming of the stars over dinner January 11, 2020

Foucault and Fizeau Two “enlightened” French scientists September 18, 2019

Off to War Charging off to war June 3, 2019

Van Biesbroeck’s Star A feeble stellar discovery October 27, 2018

Martin Ryle A better way to view the universe September 27, 2018

High Climber Climbing toward the Sun September 10, 2018

More Maria Mitchell A pioneering astronomy professor August 1, 2018

Maria Mitchell A comet launches a career July 31, 2018

Probing the Sun Soaring close to the Sun July 30, 2018

Visiting Astronomers Where to see pioneering astronomers July 22, 2018

Selective Viewing Selecting the right targets July 12, 2018

Henrietta Swan Leavitt Expanding the known universe July 4, 2018

George Ellery Hale One man, four giant telescopes June 28, 2018

Pulsars Discovering a “scruffy” star November 27, 2017

Harold Weaver Probing a “mysterious” molecule September 27, 2017

Arthur Compton From cosmic rays to gamma rays September 10, 2017

Last Discovery Picking out a new moon September 9, 2017

The Dolphin A practical joke in the night sky July 15, 2017

Alexis Bouvard Inklings of an eighth planet June 26, 2017

Lynx Looking for a faint cat May 25, 2017

Fornax Firing up a celestial furnace January 19, 2017

Guiding Lights II Computing the positions of the stars December 6, 2016

Lewis Rutherfurd New ways to see the stars November 25, 2016

Financing a Career A successful career from a global panic October 10, 2016

Milton Humason An unusual path to astronomy August 19, 2016

Rudolf Wolf A cycle of storms on the Sun July 7, 2016

Herbert Friedman Watching the Sun with a “rockoon” June 21, 2016

Hydrogen Discovering 'inflammable air' May 28, 2016

The Great War, V American astronomers in World War I May 13, 2016

The Great War, IV War changes an astronomer’s destiny May 12, 2016

Volunteer Astronomers Astronomers get some helping hands April 27, 2016

Featured Images

Harlow Shapley (left), Heber Curtis

The Great Debate April 24, 2020

Maria Mitchell, 1851

Pioneering Astronomer August 1, 2018