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Scientists who study the universe beyond Earth, from the planets and moons of the solar system to the birth and fate of the universe.


Radio Programs

Foucault and Fizeau Two “enlightened” French scientists September 18, 2019

Off to War Charging off to war June 3, 2019

Van Biesbroeck’s Star A feeble stellar discovery October 27, 2018

Martin Ryle A better way to view the universe September 27, 2018

High Climber Climbing toward the Sun September 10, 2018

More Maria Mitchell A pioneering astronomy professor August 1, 2018

Maria Mitchell A comet launches a career July 31, 2018

Probing the Sun Soaring close to the Sun July 30, 2018

Visiting Astronomers Where to see pioneering astronomers July 22, 2018

Selective Viewing Selecting the right targets July 12, 2018

Henrietta Swan Leavitt Expanding the known universe July 4, 2018

George Ellery Hale One man, four giant telescopes June 28, 2018

Pulsars Discovering a “scruffy” star November 27, 2017

Harold Weaver Probing a “mysterious” molecule September 27, 2017

Arthur Compton From cosmic rays to gamma rays September 10, 2017

Last Discovery Picking out a new moon September 9, 2017

The Dolphin A practical joke in the night sky July 15, 2017

Alexis Bouvard Inklings of an eighth planet June 26, 2017

Lynx Looking for a faint cat May 25, 2017

Fornax Firing up a celestial furnace January 19, 2017

Guiding Lights II Computing the positions of the stars December 6, 2016

Lewis Rutherfurd New ways to see the stars November 25, 2016

Financing a Career A successful career from a global panic October 10, 2016

Milton Humason An unusual path to astronomy August 19, 2016

Rudolf Wolf A cycle of storms on the Sun July 7, 2016

Herbert Friedman Watching the Sun with a “rockoon” June 21, 2016

Hydrogen Discovering 'inflammable air'... May 28, 2016

The Great War, V American astronomers in World War I May 13, 2016

The Great War, IV War changes an astronomer’s destiny May 12, 2016

Volunteer Astronomers Astronomers get some helping hands April 27, 2016

John Dobson Bringing telescopes to the masses September 13, 2015

First Professor Ready for the first day of class September 1, 2015

More Charles Townes Shining a new light on the universe July 28, 2015

Charles Townes Dreaming up a laser beam July 27, 2015

More Fred Hoyle Scientist, writer, contrarian June 24, 2015

Fred Hoyle Unlocking the secrets of the stars June 23, 2015

Johannes Hartmann Filling the space between the stars January 10, 2015

Eris Reflections on a bright dwarf planet January 5, 2015

Featured Images

Maria Mitchell, 1851

Pioneering Astronomer August 1, 2018

Double Dribble November 20, 2014

Otto Struve, first director of McDonald Observatory

First Director May 8, 2014

Autographs from the dedication of McDonald Observatory

Who's Who May 7, 2014

Annie Jump Cannon

Astronomical Pioneer December 10, 2013

Female "computers" at Harvard College Observatory

Data Processing Center December 9, 2013

The life and times of William Herschel

Stellar Musician November 14, 2013

Solar eclipse of August 19, 1887, from near Berlin

Fire in the Sky August 18, 2012

False-color view of Comet Swift-Tuttle, 1992

Swift Comet July 16, 2012