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Andromeda Galaxy, M31

The closest large galaxy to our own, at a distance of about 2.5 million light-years. It is a spiral galaxy that appears to be slightly larger but less massive than the Milky Way.

Radio Programs

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Light Connection Making long-distance connections February 7, 2019

Andromeda Galaxies The orderly Andromeda galaxies October 12, 2018

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Future Blast A future blast from a galactic neighbor October 27, 2017

Local Group IV A collision course for the Milky Way January 12, 2017

Big Neighbor A bright galaxy far, far away October 23, 2016

Runaway Giant A giant star that’s running away from home October 19, 2016

Featured Images

Busy Neighbor October 26, 2019

sequence of images depicting the merger of M31 and Milky Way galaxies

Crash Course January 11, 2017