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Airborne Observatories

Radio Programs

Eclipse Flights Soaring high to meet an eclipse September 10, 2023

Orion Sieve Punching holes in a stellar bubble March 10, 2023

Moon and Companions Looking for life in unlikely places December 25, 2022

Grounded Grounding a high-flying observatory September 6, 2022

Orion Veil A type of stellar birth control March 2, 2019

Catching Dust Catching dust in the stratosphere June 19, 2018

More Eclipse Science Chasing a shadow from the sky August 17, 2017

Featured Images

the sofia observatory will be grounded by the end of september 2022

Grounded September 6, 2022

Space-dust collecting aircraft

Dust Collector June 19, 2018

The Sun sets behind a NASA WB-57F Canberra research aircraft

Chasing a Shadow August 17, 2017